Dog Patiently Waits For His Baby Brother To Grow Up, So They Can Play 


Let me introduce you to a beautiful furry boy named Argento. Argento is a seven-year-old German Shepherd dog from Alberta, Canada. 

The Harmse family got him as a little puppy, and since then, he has been a very important part of the family and every special occasion.

He helped his dad propose to his mom, and then he helped them walk down the aisle on the most important day of their life. 

Argento has always been a very protective boy, like a true Shepherd dog, but his real protective side truly came out when a small heart started to beat in mommy’s belly. 

From that moment on, Argento was entrusted with a pivotal job – keeping the baby safe. 

Waiting For A Little Guy

german shepherd standing in front of his pregnat owner and waiting for baby
Source: @argento.the.gsd

Even before his baby hooman was born, Argento started practicing for his role of a protective furry brother. 

He listened to his heartbeat to make sure everything was alright. 

He learned how to be gentle.

He helped his dad build new furniture for the baby. 

And, he started learning how to read bedtime stories to help put the baby to sleep. 

There was so much to do before the little guy was born, but Argento was ready. 

Introducing The New Member Of The Family

german shepherd looking at baby in a crib
Source: @argento.the.gsd

Finally, after nine long months and all the preparation, baby brother, Greer, came into the world. It was love at first sniff. 

Truth be told, the baby sometimes didn’t smell that nice, but still, Argento loved him with all his heart. 

He showered the baby with kisses and made sure he was protected at all times. 

german shepherd dog lying beside a baby on the bed
Source: @argento.the.gsd

If the baby was sleeping, sure enough, Argento was right next to him. 

He noticed that the baby loved to sleep a lot, so he napped with him. The baby was too small to play with, so Argento decided that he would patiently wait for him to grow up. 

He watched the baby grow up, and learn how to sit, stand, and then even walk. 

german shepherd dog sitting beside a baby boy in nature
Source: argento.the.gsd

But still, the baby wouldn’t play with his ball. 

In the meantime, Argento played a lot with his dad and mom. He was still their first baby and they would never neglect him. 

As the baby grew, their friendship became even stronger. They did everything together, and they both loved each other. 

… And Then Came Another Surprise

german shepherd dog lying beside newborn baby girl on the bed
Source: @argento.the.gsd

It wasn’t long before another addition to the pack was made. 

This time around, Argento was already experienced as a big brother, and he had a little hooman to play with while waiting for the new pack member. 

“Dogs are pack animals, and if socialized correctly, they will love and protect that new bundle of joy like you wouldn’t believe,” Argento’s mom said on Instagram. 

If you want to keep up with GSD Argento and his beautiful family, follow him on Instagram. 

german shepherd dog with his family on the bed
Source: @argento.the.gsd