Cash The GSD Loves Going Shopping With His Hooman


Cash, a six-year-old German Shepherd, had absolutely no idea that his life was about to change when a man named Isaac entered the shelter. This furry boy was scheduled for euthanization as he was deemed aggressive and untrainable.

But then, this long-time dog trainer saw him and decided today is not the day Cash dies. I guess all it took was one man with a giant heart to save a German Shepherd in his prime. And, as a thanks, Cash started showing his brilliance…

Cash Wheels Grocery Carts On His Hind Legs

german shepherd dog in shopping

Isaac Hughes, from Milpitas, California, has been a dog trainer for a very long time. As soon as Cash entered his new home, Isaac started training him in obedience and basic puppy manners. But, Cash was meant to do so much more than that!

This black-and-cream furball started showing brilliance and mastered everything Isaac taught him in a very short amount of time. And, that’s when the real stuff started happening!

Little by little, Isaac taught Cash to wheel grocery carts on his hind legs. That’s right! 

Can you imagine entering a store and seeing a large German Shepherd just casually pushing a cart all the way down the aisle? But, that’s what Cash does, and he does it with a big smile!

“He can turn corners,” said Isaac. Cash can do this amazing trick for over a minute without any problem.

He Has His Own Balancing Act

Pushing grocery carts isn’t the only part of Cash’s brilliance. He’s a perfectly trained dog that has his own balancing acts once Isaac and him go out for a walk.

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You can see him in Milpitas, California, balancing on a bus seat, a sign, and a thin fence, which makes us all very nervous to watch. 

When asked about his training methods, Isaac emphasized the importance of love and affection in the overall relationship with a dog. He said that he prefers affection and a positive attitude more than he prefers correction methods.

“Your hand of affection is heavier than your hand of correction.”

Cash is today a professional service dog trained to help people with all kinds of problems. However, Isaac keeps Cash with him to demonstrate to his clients all the skills that can be taught to dogs.

Cash Is Having The Time Of His Life

funny dog in shop

Other than being such a pawfect boy, Cash is really having the time of his life. He has finally found his furever home next to Isaac and he’s not inclined to let go. And, neither is Isaac!

funny dog with sunglasses and a hat
Source: @wowdogtraining

Aside from performing in grocery stores and in dog parks, Cash also rides escalators on his own as well as skateboards. 

Once a shelter boy, he’s now a true example of all the brilliance a family dog can display.