Stray Puppy Got A Furever Home Thanks To A Kind Dog Rescuer


It breaks my heart to see abandoned puppies on the streets. It even hurts more knowing I can’t save them all.

Still, I get some consolation from the fact that there are good people rescuing dogs on a daily basis. 

Little by little, we can all make a change and make the world a better place… not for us, but for our canine buddies.

No dog deserves to be lost or abandoned, much less dumped on the street like a piece of trash.

Dolly, a wonderful smol GSD pupper, was one of those dogs. She was facing a life in agony that probably wouldn’t last long. 

Luckily, for Dolly, she got a ray of sunshine. She got a life. She got what she needed the most:

A family.

Thanks to the kind acts of the Animal Rescue and the person behind it, Fahrudin Caki Bravo, dogs like Dolly won’t end up at the end of the line. One by one, every poor pup will end up happy in a furever home.

What’s That Wiggling Down The Road?

cute puppy in the car
Source: YouTube

Picture this: it’s way past normal hours and it’s pitch dark. You get a phone call saying there’s a lost puppy in need, wiggling down the dangerous street.

What would you do?

If you’re anything like Fahrudin Bravo, you’d jump in the car and drive straight there to rescue the pup.

Bravo received a phone call stating there was a dumped puppy on the street, looking scruffy and wearing nothing but a blue collar. 

When he arrived at the scene, Bravo noticed the puppy was a girl, completely covered in fleas. Her coat wasn’t in good condition either, and there was apparent hair loss in several patches.

cute puppy walking on the street
Source: YouTube

The puppy showed no sign of fear and bounced around Bravo, investigating the newcomer. She was sweet, and was thrilled that someone was paying attention to her. Based on her collar, the little pup was definitely kicked out of a warm home, mistreated by bad people.

Bravo managed to pick her up and drive home with her, promising her a better life.

Thirty Days Later…

cute puppy sniffing grass in the yard
Source: YouTube

Bravo took the puppy home, naming her Dolly. 

She was desperate for human touch, and hungry for both food and love. 

Dolly immediately adapted to her new temp home. She enjoyed Bravo’s attention, and kept him company while he was drinking coffee. 

adorable puppy lying beside bowl with food
Source: YouTube

The new friends became inseparable within a few short days. Bravo treated Dolly for parasites and fleas, and gave her the much-needed warmth and nurturing. 

Thirty days later, Dolly received a new set of vaccines and she was feeling much better. It was time for her to head out to her new home. 

puppy walking in the yard around the house
Source: YouTube

With a lot of help from Bravo and his friends, Dolly got a furever family waiting for her in the UK. This little girl was going on a long trip from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the British Isles.

Dolly got a second chance. Dolly got life in her own paws. 

A Brave Man Called Caki

smiling man holding dog in his arms outdoors

Fahrudin Caki Bravo, Dolly’s rescuer, is not an ordinary animal lover. 

This brave man is more than just a dog person. He’s a real-life hero we should admire.

Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Caki is a taxi driver who devoted his entire life to rescuing dogs in need. And, yes… there is a bunch of dogs facing terrible problems in Bosnia. 

Caki started rescuing dogs with his friends shortly after the Siege of Sarajevo and the War in Bosnia. He saw that stray dogs were disappearing from the streets of Sarajevo, and he knew exactly what it was about. He knew he had to do something to help them feel less endangered.

“… that’s when we started helping them in every possible way, taking care of them, adopting, and keeping them off the streets. I’m not a part of any animal rescue association… I work together with other fellow animal lovers as a volunteer. We try to help as much as we can. It does get hard because I always think I could do more. Unfortunately, I can’t be in more than one place at the same time”, said Fahrudin Caki Bravo.

Bravo’s kind acts seem to have no end. He even jumped in a freezing cold river to rescue a drowning puppy.

We should all pray for Caki to have a long and fulfilling life doing what he likes the most: rescuing dogs and giving them the best gift… the gift of life.

Bravo’s Instagram account is right here. You can show him support by following him or even donating to his PayPal. All funds received go directly to him and his dogs, so he can keep on taking care of them.