Veteran K9 German Shepherd Saves His Family From A Fire


We’ve heard plenty of tales of heroism, be it from humans, dogs, or otherwise, but they always manage to awe us.

Take the tale of Maxx, the retired K-9 dog of the Feaser family, who seemingly only retired in name and who apparently has those K-9 rescue instincts still baked into him.

A canine superhero who acted fast and managed to save the lives of his family’s kids, a 4 and a 2 year old child.

An Explosion Followed By An Inferno

firemen with burning house
The Feaser household is engulfed in roaring flames. Photo from:

The Feaser household is engulfed in roaring flames. Credit: Seminole County Fire Department

The neighbors were the first to catch wind of what happened as a loud explosion interrupted their telescope fun.

They quickly rushed over to the roiling inferno and tried to find ways to help without putting themselves in jeopardy either.

They managed to find Margo Feaser and helped her escape by breaking through one of the windows.

However, she wasn’t the family member present in the house at the time as both her husband, Brent, and their two children, a 4 and 2 year old, were still stuck inside.

Maxx, the canine hero of the story, managed to get out of the house in time too.

While Margo wanted to return back to try and help her family, she was advised not to as the risk was too great without any proper gear.

Help Has Arrived

firemen with german shepherd dog
Maxx getting ready to lead the firefighters to the kids’ room. Photo from:

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long before firefighters arrived at the scene.

They managed to reach her husband, Brent, and pull him out, but that still left the kids who were likely alone and afraid, stuck in that terrifying scenario.

But, this is where Maxx stepped in.

He went over to the firefighters and instructed them to follow, using his expert skills as both a former K9-dog and family dog to navigate the smoke-filled hall to reach the kids in time.

The kids were all pulled out in time and were taken along with their parents to the doctor to get checked for burns and smoke inhalation, while Maxx was taken to the vet for the same reason.

Both kids and Margo’s husband, Brent, suffered damage from smoke inhalation and burns to varying degrees, as did Maxx, but they all made a full recovery.

Maxx, The Four-Legged Wonder

injured german shepherd dog
Maxx is recovering in the vet’s office with a heart-shaped cast. Photo from:

Without Maxx, the terrain would be too difficult to navigate, but he risked his life to make sure that the remaining members of his family all got out safely from the fire, avoiding a tragedy.

Sure, the family’s home is gone as are a majority of their possessions, but at least they have one another and the community helped deposit funds on their GoFundMe page which allowed them to start their lives back up again.

The world is full of unlikely heroes like Maxx here and their stories serve as an inspiration to humans and dogs alike.

Hopefully, it has touched you and helped show you just how loyal our furry family members can be.

Until next time, pet parents.