German Shepherd Pup Meets Tiny Bunnies For The First Time


Animals can create strong bonds just like humans, even if they don’t belong to the same species. That’s why it’s not a surprise to see different kinds of animals playing or eating together.

Rocky, a German Shepherd pup, is a great example, as he welcomes all types of animals into his home, including adorable tiny bunnies.

The Sweetest Encounter

german shepherd dog looking at tinny bunnies and kittens on the bed
Source: Rocky

Rocky is a playful little German Sheppie that loves meeting new animals, especially small ones like kittens and bunnies.

To be honest, the first time he got a chance to meet a small bunny, Rocky looked rather puzzled (at least in the video). Considering that he was already best buddies with kittens and that they share the same owners, it wasn’t about their size.

german shepherd dog looking at tiny bunnies on the bed
Source: Rocky

As seen from another video involving Rocky and a couple of cute bunnies, it seemed like he just needed to spend more time with these tiny and adorable puffies in order to get to know them better.

It’s interesting to notice how Rocky’s facial expressions change during the encounter, from slight confusion to a playful and goofy personality. 

German Sheppies are great buddies, great workers, and an overall excellent dog breed that doesn’t exactly have a strong prey drive, which is why they can be near smaller animals, too.

Rocky seems to be enjoying the time with his little buddies so much that he doesn’t want to move away from them, which is why he ends up on the bed where they’re placed for the encounter.

german shepherd dog playing with kitten and bunny on the bed
Source: Rocky

Parental Instincts Kick In?

On several occasions, Rocky gets so close to the bunnies and kittens that they almost fall into his mouth.

The GSD actually tried to pick up a bunny several times and carry it like a puppy, which might lead people to believe that Rocky has developed paternal instincts towards these tiny animals.

However, doctor Carlo Siracusa, the director of the animal behavior service at the University of Pennsylvania’s Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, might not agree with that.

In an article for Yahoo Life, he mentioned that he believes male canines, regardless of their breed, can’t have paternal instincts like their wolf ancestors majorly because they’re domesticated and dependent on we humans.

german shepherd dog playing with kittens and bunnies on the bed
Source: Rocky

Still, Rocky’s gentleness towards the adorable bunnies is wonderful; it’s almost like he’s trying to keep them as safe as possible, without letting anyone even get close to them.

Videos like these are actually one of the main reasons why I fell in love so hard with doggies like German Shepherds… curious beings with a big heart.