Police Officer Gets A New K-9 Partner After His Dog Was Shot On Duty 


“How do you want him remembered?” asked the news reporter.


“He was unconditionally loyal, loving, and supportive. He was… he was a hero,” responded Ohio police officer, Ryan Davis, with tears in his eyes.

The fateful night, when Davis responded to a break-in at a grocery store in Canton, Ohio, he could not have imagined the tragedy that would follow. 

In Loving Memory Of K-9 Jethro 

police officer and german shepherd sitting together
Source: ODMP

January 10th will forever remain a sad day for the Canton Police Department (Ohio). It was on this day in 2016 that this community lost its very important and beloved member – K-9 Jethro. 

German Shepherd, Jethro, was only two years old when he lost his life in the line of duty. 

Upon responding to an alarm activation at a grocery store in Canton, OH, officers found an individual hiding inside. 

When they spotted him, he refused to cooperate and started firing shots, striking K-9 officer Jethro three times. 

“Shots fired! Shots fired! My partner’s been shot!”, it was the most urgent call officer Davis had ever uttered. 

“Shots fired! He shot my dog!” Davis continued, shouting desperately. 

police officer sitting beside german shepherd dog lying on the floor
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Jethro was immediately transported to the Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic. He fought bravely to stay alive, but after 32 hours, he sadly died as a result of the wounds. 

His partner, Davis, was with him when he took his last breath. 

I’d trade places with him in a heartbeat,” said Davis, knowing very well that if it weren’t for Jethro that night, he would have been the one who died.  

“He’s left a hole that will never be filled. He gave his life for me.”

This beautiful German Shepherd dog was more than a police dog to Davis. The Davis family got Jethro when he was just eight weeks old as a family pet. 

german shepherd dog looking up
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He grew up both as a family dog and a K-9 officer. Jethro and Davis spent every single day together. Jethro lived with the family, worked the nights with Davis, and played with the kids in his free time.

Getting over his death was hard for the whole family, but especially for Davis. 

He lost his loyal and wonderful comrade, his best friend, and a family member. 

Jethro’s funeral was a major event in the city of Canton, Ohio, fit for a hero. Police officers and their K-9 partners from all over the country came to pay their respects and honor Jethro on what would have been his third birthday. 

dog funeral
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Jethro’s killer was sentenced to 34 years in prison, which brought just a little bit of consolation to Davis because nothing could make up for losing his beloved dog. 

Welcome To The Force, K-9 Tuko 

german shepherd on a leash
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As inconsolable as we may feel, life must always go on.

Davis then had a tough decision to make… choosing a new partner. 

A non-profit organization, K9s4COPs, in Houston, introduced to Davis more than a dozen dogs and put them through a series of tests. 

There were three dogs that impressed Davis and were considered finalists: 

  • Tuko (German Shepherd) – skilled in apprehending bad guys
  • Joker (Belgian Malinois) – really high-spirited 
  • Cenzo (Belgian Malinois) – good at tracking 

In the end, Davis decided that his new partner would be Tuko. 

police officer cuddling german shepherd dog his new partner
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“For me, the bond was there. I think he is capable of being a rockstar that everybody hopes him to be,” said Davis, looking forward to working with his new partner. 

Tuko had big paws to fill, but he did it remarkably well. 

Even though Jethro couldn’t be replaced and will always have a special place in Davis’ heart, Tuko’s presence brought a lot of comfort and happiness to the family. 

* As of 2020, both Tuko and Davis retired from the force and moved to the south, where they continue to enjoy lots of walks on the beach.  

police officer and german shepherd dog standing on stairs
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