This Stray Dog Mom Gives Birth And Finds Love In The Shelter


Helping abandoned dogs is not only a humane act, but a life changing moment that can drastically improve their life for the better. 

Even though many dog shelters don’t offer as prestigious of conditions as a brand new home does, they’re still a better option than leaving a puppy at the mercy of the street.

Madalena’s story is everything but glamorous. It starts in an abandoned construction site in Brazil… far away from normal living conditions. The young mom was irresponsibly dumped on the street during her pregnancy, triggering extreme trauma in this dog.

Madalena, An Abandoned Dog Mom

abandoned dog mom with her puppies
Source: Howlofpet

When Isabella, a local dog lover and humanitarian worker, received a call about the litter found at the construction site – she decided to help the puppies and take them off the street.

As she came to the spot, Madalena, the dog mom, immediately ran away and hid in a local store under a shelf. The young mom was extremely traumatized and scared of people, which required a slow approach and lots of love in the very beginning.

She Lived In Terrible Conditions

dog mom breastfeeding her puppies on the floor
Source: Howlofpet 

As Isabella later found out, Madalena was kicked out of her home when she got pregnant, which left this poor dog at the mercy of the street. She needed to find a safe place to give birth to her puppies – far away from danger and potential predators.

Despite the fact that she had no proper access to food and water, Madalena was such a good mom. She took care of her puppies, making sure that they were all safe and in one place. 

Still, the cruelty of people made her very anxious and fearful, so it took a lot of time to regain her trust again.

Isabella To The Rescue

dog lying on the bed and looking at camera
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Isabella wanted to help Madalena and her puppies until they found their forever home. She provided them with a warm, cozy shelter where Madalena could watch over her newborns and be safe.

Day after day, she was slowly transforming into a beautiful, affectionate dog that sought attention and Isabella’s presence. 

“My Madá taught me so much about the ability to love and protect even when you have nothing. A mother like no other,” wrote Isabella on her Instagram.

two dogs playing indoors
Source: Howlofpet 

She started socializing with other dogs and gained many friends in Isabella’s small shelter. Even though her puppies were eventually adopted by new families and were gone, Madalena never left.

Madalena Smiles Again

woman holding her dog in arms
Source: Isabella Macowsky 

The original idea was to foster Isabella until she found her furever home, but Isabella just couldn’t let her go. 

Her big, sad eyes and the affectionate temperament she had were hard to let go. It was as if she always belonged to Isabella, but it was just a matter of time when she would finally be home.

“I tried so hard to find her a home until I realized that she was already there.”

Madalena finally found her lifetime hooman companion. She’s now in Isabella’s good hands, with many adventures awaiting her in her new home.