Determined Owner Finds Her Stolen Senior Dog And Steals Him Back


In the peaceful serenity of a Saturday afternoon, Jessica Gary, a 37-year-old resident of Brooklyn, New York City, went on a routine walk with her cherished 15-year-old Chihuahua mix in the beautiful landscapes of Prospect Park. 

Little did she know that this seemingly idyllic day would soon transform into a heart-stopping ordeal, forever carved in her memory.

A Brazen Doggie Theft

woman in the park with her dog
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In the midst of a peaceful walk through Prospect Park, the tranquility was shattered when an unexpected act unfolded before Jessica Grey’s eyes. 

Out of nowhere, a dognapper appeared, swiftly snatching her beloved senior Chihuahua from her side. In a matter of seconds, the thief vanished into the park, leaving Jessica in a state of shock and disbelief.

She was quickly consumed by frustration and vowed to go to great lengths to bring him back. 

Jessica’s Quest To Find Fidel

jessica holding a poster to find her dog fidel
Source: NYPost

What made things even more difficult was that Fidel, being an older dog, needed medicine every day to stay healthy. This made Jessica’s search even more urgent and complicated.

You see, Fidel’s age meant that he required special care to feel his best. Getting his daily medication on time was really important to keep him happy and healthy. 

Driven by love and concern, Jessica decided to go on a relentless search, vowing to leave no stone unturned in her quest to find him.

To give her search an extra boost, Jessica decided to offer a big reward of $3,000 to anyone who could help bring Fidel back home safely!

Seeking Help On Social Media

missing poster for fidel
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For two exhausting days, Jessica tirelessly drove through the streets of Brooklyn, posting missing posters in the hopes of catching the attention of kind-hearted strangers. 

Despite her best efforts, Fidel remained elusive. 

Recognizing the power of social media, Jessica turned to her online community, urging friends and followers to share Fidel’s missing poster far and wide.

From instagram to Facebook’s Lost and Found Pets in Brooklyn, New York page, Jessica made sure that everyone saw the poster!

Little did she know that this simple act would lead her one step closer to her beloved companion.

A Tip That Changed Everything

photo of fidel the chihuahua
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Sometimes, hope arrives when it’s least expected. 

A compassionate soul reached out to Jessica, offering a vital tip that would crack the case wide open. 

The tip pointed her towards the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, where an unsuspecting couple was spotted casually strolling with a small Chihuahua mix — none other than Fidel himself. 

Fueled by a mix of anticipation and anxiety, Jessica wasted no time and made her way to the location, ready to reclaim her four-legged family member.

Snatching Fidel Back From The Dognappers

jessica and fidel finally reunited
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Feeling both worried and determined, Jessica knew she needed some help. She called her friend for backup, someone she could rely on in this difficult situation.

As they approached the couple who had taken Fidel, their hearts raced with excitement and anxiety. They knew this could be a tense moment, and their bodies felt the nervous energy flowing through their veins.

Pulling the car over next to the dognappers, Jessica and her friend sprang into action. 

They reached out and snatched Fidel from the couple’s grasp. Without hesitation, they quickly returned to the car, ready to make their escape! 

Clearly angry and upset, the dognappers reacted with aggression. They started chasing the car, and when they couldn’t open the car doors, they even used a skateboard to hit Jessica’s window!

But in that moment, nothing could stop the determined duo from ensuring Fidel’s safe return.

Reunited And Unharmed

happy jessica and fidel finally reunited
Source: Brooklynpaper

The intense adventure had come to an end, and their reunion filled their hearts with pure happiness. 

Although the couple they encountered might not have been the original thieves, Jessica believed they had somehow come into possession of Fidel. 

But what mattered most was that Fidel was safe and unharmed.

With Fidel nestled in her arms, Jessica knew that their journey wasn’t finished. She still wanted to find the person who had taken Fidel in the first place. Justice needed to be served, and this pup lover was determined to uncover the truth.

But for now, they celebrated their reunion. 

Jessica acknowledges that snatching Fidel back from the couple may not have been the lawful way to handle the situation. Laws exist to ensure order and fairness, and going against them can have consequences. 

But sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, people are driven to take extraordinary measures! 
You can stay connected with Jessica and her two Chihuahuas by following their instagram page! Don’t miss out on the updates and adorable photos that will surely bring a smile to your face!