These Two Pitbulls Simply Had To Be Adopted Together


Someone once said that “when love is real… it finds a way.” Well, if Jukebox and Agatha could speak our language, I am sure they would agree with this saying. 

You must be wondering who Jukebox and Agatha are? 

Their life story is like something from a movie and it deserves to be told. So, let’s start from the beginning. 

jukebox and agatha, two best friends
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Jukebox and Agatha, two beautiful Pitbull dogs, meet each other at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona. Jukebox arrived as a stray, and Agatha came to the shelter when her previous owner surrendered her.

According to the director of animal services, Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, these two didn’t know each other before, but as soon as they laid eyes on each other, they became inseparable. 

Their connection was unquestionable, and it was obvious to everyone in the shelter that they adored each other. 

They were simply meant to be together. 

jukebox and agatha together
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Both pups were struggling to adjust to their new surroundings and life in the confinement of the shelter. They were both anxious and sad, but they found comfort in each other. 

From then on, they were inseparable. Nikki Reck, from Pima Animal Care Center, said, “there’s plenty of space for them to stretch out, but they share that tiny little bed together and that’s how they prefer it.”

If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. 

Every time these two got separated, they looked for each other like they were lost. That’s when the whole shelter realized there was no way they could separate these two pups. 

It’s hard for Pitbulls to get adopted as it is due to their unfortunate past, but to have a bonded pair of Pitbulls get adopted in the same house was almost impossible. 

Shelters typically don’t say that dogs have to be adopted together because then, it usually takes longer for the dogs to find a forever home at all. 

However, Reck said, “With these two, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to split them up, so we were hoping against hope that we could find a home for them together because the two of them were meant to be.”

Sadly, Jukebox and Agatha were in the Pima Animal Care Center for a long time, and they just couldn’t find anyone who would be willing to adopt them together. 

Hoping that social media would help spread the word, Reck posted the photo of the two dogs snuggled up together. Amazingly, the photo went viral and everyone was in love with the two. 

jukebox and agatha snuggled up together
Source: Facebook

But, was that enough to get them adopted? 

Just a couple of weeks later, two potential adopters who saw their picture online walked into the shelter, hoping to see the dogs and adopt them. 

Erin worked for the state of Arizona, and Ubaldo was retired from a military career. Their previous dog had passed away, and the house was just too quiet for them.  

“We hope that they’ll make us whole again,” said Ubaldo. 

Both of them were so impressed with the fact that the two dogs had fallen in love with each other. “Seeing how close they were, there was just no way we could break that bond,” said Erin. 

And, that was it. The miracle that the whole shelter was hoping for finally happened… a bonded pair was adopted.

jukebox and agatha's christmas  photo
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“When we see a pair get to spend the rest of their lives together like these two, it is everything. It’s everything that we’ve been working towards. It means that hard work to keep them together really did pay off,” said Nikki Reck for The Dodo. 

jukebox and agatha found their forever home
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There was nothing better than finding their forever home.

Getting used to their new home was no problem for Jukebox and Agatha. Although they had so much space in their new home, they still chose to sleep together.

jukebox and agatha napping together
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“They certainly complement each other. Jukebox still has the puppy in him. He keeps us on our toes. And, Miss Agatha… she’s just kisses and love. The way she shares her love and affection just pulls at my heart,” described lovingly both Erin and Ubaldo. 

“I think people can really learn a lot about unconditional love from these two dogs,” said Erin, and I couldn’t agree more. 

jukebox and agatha booping noses
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They might be just dogs, but they show us that with a little bit of love and hope, everything is possible. 

When no one wanted to adopt them, they at least had each other, and that was enough for them. If you have at least one real person in your life, you’re lucky. 

You can keep up with Jukebox and Agatha on their Facebook page – Jukebox and Agatha’s Bonded Journey.