A Fluffy Pile Of Puppies Abandoned By The Road Saved By A Bus Driver


Rescue organizations are used to seeing all kinds of scenarios. They all have rescued an incredible number of dogs and puppies in need from various situations. 

When the Stray Rescue of St. Louis organization got a phone call that day, they thought it would be just one pup… a casual rescue operation. 

But, they were in for a surprise. Not one, but six puppies in total, a whole litter, was abandoned by the road, waiting for a terrible disaster to happen.

If it wasn’t for a bus driver who reported the case, God only knows what would have happened to those poor babies.

A Fluffy Pile That Moved 

a group of puppies near the road
Source: YouTube

It was a rainy day, and a school bus driver from St. Louis, Missouri, was driving her route. She took a break, waiting until her next shift started, when she saw something moving in the distance. It was a dark, fluffy pile, and the bus driver thought it was a pile of trash.

But, then she saw that the movement wasn’t a product of her imagination: The pile was really moving. 

A quick phone call to the Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and they were on their way.

Every Moment Is Crucial

Donna Lochmann, the chief life saving officer with SRSL, arrived at the described location and started looking for the puppies immediately. She knew every moment was crucial because the puppies were left out in the open and it had been raining all morning.

Soon enough, drawn by whimpering sounds, Lochmann found a pile of four puppies. They were shivering and crying for help. A quick reaction brought them into a safe place inside Lochmann’s car.

But, the phone call stated there were six puppies in total. Where were the other two?

Lochmann inspected the area and found the remaining two puppies hiding in the bushes. 

The entire litter was successfully rescued and it was time to head back to the SRSL headquarters.

“I gave them all warm baths to try to warm them up a little bit,” Lochmann said. “Then, we gave them wet food, and they were so hungry. Their bellies were so bloated when they were done eating”, said Lochmann to The Dodo.

black puppies drinking water
Source: YouTube

The poor puppies were only 6 to 7 weeks old. They were starving, left outside without proper care, and suffering from ringworm infestation. 

Fortunately, the rescuers did an amazing job and all six puppies were ready to head out to their foster home that same night. 

group of playful puppies in their bed
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The puppies were sent out in couples, so the transition wouldn’t fall hard on them.

The Update

cute puppies
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O’Brien, O’Keefe, O’Neil, O’Hara, O’Mara, and O’Reily are all doing great. They were given lucky Irish names because they were rescued just before St. Patrick’s Day. Well, looks like they got their own pot of gold! 

The poor babies became real puppies, as if they hadn’t gone through such torture. 

If it wasn’t for that bus driver and her phone call, those puppies wouldn’t have survived that rainy day. 

It’s incredible how a little TLC does wonders. 

These puppies now have homes and a bright future ahead of them. 

A case that broke hearts of all rescuers at SRSL turned out to have a happy ending after all. 

We can’t prevent puppies from being abandoned, but we can help those in need. The Stray Rescue of St. Louis could really use your help with donations because they do a tremendous job. 

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