Senior Dog Battling With Cancer Gets To Live Wonderful Months In A New Home


It’s devastating to learn that senior dogs are the least desirable age group for adoptions.

People usually want puppies or young dogs – canines they could shape as they wish. Rarely does anyone decide to give a senior dog a second chance.

Little do they know that adopting a senior dog means putting the gold in their golden years. Such dogs get a second chance and an opportunity to lead a fulfilling life, even just for a short while.

Henry, the hero senior dog of this story, was facing the rainbow bridge, not just because of his conditions, but because he was surrendered to the shelter. His former family didn’t want him anymore and couldn’t deal with his diagnoses. 

They did the cruelest thing ever to a family dog. But, lucky for Henry, his saviors quickly came and gave him the wonderful life he always deserved. 

Fortune Blessed Old Boy Henry

photo of henry the senior dog
Source: @seniordoghenry

When the founder of Marley’s Mutts, a non-profit rescue organization from California, Zach Skow, found out about Henry, he knew he had to take him in.

Being a huge dog lover and a rescuer with dozens of successful foster cases, Zach reached out and accepted Henry into his home. When no one else wanted him, Zach came and put Henry’s paw into his hand. 

At approximately 16 years, Henry has been through a lot. As I mentioned earlier, his previous owners surrendered him to the shelter because he was old and ill. Henry was diagnosed with cancerous growths all over his body, and on top of that, he was deaf and partially blind. 

When Zach met Henry for the first time, he thought the poor old pal had only a couple of weeks, if not just a couple of days left. But, luckily, Henry proved everyone wrong.

He had the cancerous cells removed and was feeling much better. Under Zach’s care, Henry thrived. He blossomed into a happy pup, without any other sign of his old age except his gray hair. 

Henry was finally enjoying life the way he was supposed to. Senior, or golden years as I like to call them, are an especially tricky time for each canine. These dogs deserve everything extra: love, care, and all the extra time we have for them.

Because, one day… we’ll wake up and find out that their time is up.

Henry’s Final Destination

photo of henry at his last months of life
Source: @seniordoghenry

Zach wasn’t the only good person who wanted to help Henry. He knew he had to find him a loving furever home – a family that would devote their entire time to Henry’s final days.

Help came in the form of Caro Aguilar’s family. They took Henry in and showered him with love, making his final days a whole lot better.

Henry was doing great. His tests came back without any issues. He was just like any other senior pooch. 

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year. For more than a year, Henry was a part of the Aguilar family. He brought in joy and sunshine, as well as unconditional love that no one dreamed could be possible. 

Sadly, Henry crossed the rainbow bridge on June 1st, 2022, leaving an eternal void behind him that no one will ever fill. He broke his family’s heart, even though they knew he wouldn’t fight against time. 

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Henry’s old heart couldn’t take it anymore. Now, he runs through Heavenly pastures, looking down on his rescuers, Zack and the Aguilars – a handful of kind people who made his last golden year worth living.