Watch How This GSD Puppy Wants To Bite His Older Brother


Friendship knows no boundaries. 

Big and small.

Fluffy and sleek.

Sweet and tough.

Cuddly and energetic.

Opposites approach, and sometimes they create some of the most wonderful friendships. 

Older dogs usually don’t hang out with puppies because they’re on different levels of maturity. 

But, sometimes, older dogs and puppies can be such good friends. 

Check out how this sweet German Shepherd handles his smol fren’s puppy shenanigans!

Playtime Buddies That Will Make You Laugh

german shepherd dog and puppy on the couch
Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

Oh, some puppies are simply impawssible! Imagine if you’re an adult German Shepherd and you have to deal with puppy craziness all the time. Yeah, that’s pretty ruff. 

Relaxing on the couch after a long day seems like a fairytale because there’s always that annoying younger brother that keeps on bothering you.

Bothering? Try biting, griping, and completely driving you crazy! 

This lovely GSD dog just wanted to have some me time on the couch, but his baby brother had other plans. 

What kind of plans might a puppy have other than testing its new set of teeth and biting everything around him! 

First test subject? Big brother!

german shepherd dog and puppy playing together on the couch
Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

The video you’ll see down below starts with the older dog moving away from the pupper, trying to hide his paws so the pup doesn’t bite him.

But, the little pup doesn’t give up.

GSD puppy bites his older brother on the couch
Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

The puppy tries over and over again to get a smol bite of his bigger brother, but he simply doesn’t allow it.

german shepherd dog growls on puppy on the couch
Source: DailyPicksandFlicks

The grunting, griping, and growling can be heard all throughout the video and it’s hilarious. Despite flashing his pearly whites and growling at the baby GSD, the older dog isn’t really showing aggression.

They’re just playing, and the older dog is teaching the pupper all the good tricks. There’s no doubt that in just a couple of months, these two will be playing together all the time.

But, before we get any more videos of these funny siblings, you gotta watch how they play, growl, and gripe on the couch. It’s too funny to handle!

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