German Shepherd Meets Baby Quails And It’s The Sweetest Thing Ever


German Shepherds are not dogs meant for everyone.

They’re tough. They’re strong. And, they can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

I mean, don’t you know a thing about their high prey drive?

These dogs will chase down anything they want without even getting winded at all.

Naturally, they’re not meant to be around small kids and tiny animals. Otherwise, someone might get hurt.

Well, you can take all these statements with a grain of salt. 

Sure, German Shepherds are mighty paws, but even mighty paws can have a sensible side.

On numerous occasions, we’ve seen German Shepherds making friends with other animals, including the tiniest ones. 

And, they were the sweetest friends!

From sweet ducklings to small kittens and baby hamsters, German Shepherds can be friends with pretty much all animals, including – tiny quail chicks!

Henlo, Smol Fluffy Frens

german shepherd meets baby quails on the carpet
Source: Rumble Viral

A gorgeous black beauty, a GSD girl named Charon, was super excited to see what her owner was bringing to her inside that bucket. A girl loves a nice surprise, and Charon was really surprised! 

She expected all kinds of things, but not something as pawdorable as…

…tiny baby quail chicks! 

german shepherd looking at baby quails on the carpet
Source: Rumble Viral

Henlo, smol fluffers! 

Charon was super sweet about meeting the tiniest chicks ever. As a big dog, she knew exactly how to handle quail babies that weigh only a couple of grams: with utmost care!

Charon’s maternal instincts kicked in as she gently sniffed the baby chicks and made sure she didn’t hurt or scare them. She was an absolute sweetheart and a wonderful example of how big dogs should handle small animals. 

german shepherd sniffing baby quails on the carpet
Source: Rumble Viral

She lied there patiently as the baby quails explored the room and approached her as they pleased. Charon seemed super happy to meet such unique little friends.

Charon decided it was time to give the baby quails some space, so she stood up, carefully maneuvered around them, and left the room. She was extremely cautious not to step on one of the babies, as if she knew that would be a tragedy.

Don’t you wish all dogs were as kind as Charon is to her smol frens?

Check out how one wonderful, unusual friendship was born!