It’s Official, Pearl Is The World’s Tiniest Dog Weighing Only 1.22 Pounds


It’s not surprising at all!

Chihuahuas are known as the smallest dog breed in the world – of course, if we exclude teacup versions as they’re not legit.

However, this Chihuahua is nothing like his other buddies. 

Meet Pearl… a Chihuahua that has an official certificate of being the world’s shortest living dog. 

The Same Size As A Dollar Bill

chihuahua with a dollar

Now, you have a general idea of how small Pearl is! 

Pearl is a teensy tiny Chihuahua girl born in September of 2020. She’s still young, but that doesn’t mean she will grow anymore. Still, that doesn’t bother Pearl as she lives her best life.

Adopted by Vanesa and Edwin, a couple from Orlando, Florida, Pearl enjoys a diva-worthy life. Although the couple has normal-sized dogs, Pearl is definitely the smallest and the most spoiled one. 

“She has a very busy schedule and a true diva character,” said her mommy, Vanesa.

A day full of picking outfits, enjoying special meals, and sipping puppuccinos in coffee shops is Pearl’s everyday life. 

The little Chi girl can fit into any purse or be carried around like she weighs nothing.

white chihuahua

Well, that’s almost true because Pearl weighs only 1.22 pounds!

This April, on Sunday, the 9th, The Lo Show Dei Record in Milano, Italy, measured Pearl and named her the world’s shortest dog.

Pearl stands proudly at only 3.59 inches in height! Her length from nose to tail is only 5 inches! 

awarding chihuahua dog

She’s almost the same size as a dollar bill, and a bit shorter than a popsicle.

It Runs In The Family

chihuahua posing next to the heel

Pearl was teensy-tiny at birth, too, and weighed less than an ounce (or 28 grams).

Apparently, the extra small size runs in the family because Pearl’s auntie was the previous record holder! 

Miracle Milly, one of Pearl’s moms’ sisters, used to be the world’s shortest dog alive. Sadly, Miracle Milly passed away in 2020, just before Pearl was born. 

She was only 3.8 inches long.

tiny chihuahua in a cup
Source: @miraclemilly_official

“We’re blessed to have her,” said Vanesa Semler, Pearl’s owner. “And, to have this unique opportunity to break our own record and share with the world this amazing news.”

What’s curious is that Vanesa owned Miracle Milly, too. The lawyer is a big fan of tiny, diva-like dogs, and Pearl is just her cup of tea. And, she even fits in one, too!

Tiny dogs usually don’t have a long lifespan and their health is compromised by the fact that their size is a result of poor breeding. 

However, this doesn’t apply to Pearl. She comes from a line of small, but sturdy dogs. 

I see many bright years ahead of Pearl. When you think about it, someone that leads such a special, ultra spoiled life will definitely outlive us all.