These Photos Perfectly Describe Life Before And After Getting A German Shepherd


If you own a German Shepherd, you know how challenging they can be, but it’s all worth it. However, if you’re planning to get one, keep in mind that your life will change completely, and that you’ll need to adjust to the doggo and his needs.

Laura, the owner of a German Shepherd named Tiger, and his buddy, Leo, a Golden Retriever, share videos on social media that show what it looks like to live with these types of dogs.

In one of her videos, Laura depicted what her life looked like before and after getting Tiger, and I believe the majority of GSD owners (including myself) can relate to it.

#1 Sleeping Like A Baby No More

Remember the time when you could sleep peacefully without any noise? Well, me neither.

Laura seems to remember those days with yearning, but I’m sure she wouldn’t trade mornings with her pooches for anything in the world.

photo showing waking up after getting a gsd
Source: YouTube

#2 Hooman, Where’s My Plate

Having breakfast or any other meal during the day alone is impossible – Laura knows best as her Tiger runs towards her every time she puts a plate on the table.

german shepherd waiting for food
Source: YouTube

#3 Welcoming Committee

If you own a German Shepherd, that means you’re never alone. He will whine and cry most of the time while you’re away, and will shower you with all his love as soon as you return home.

german shepherd welcomes owner after coming home
Source: YouTube

#4 You Won’t Be There In Five Anymore

Laura depicted one of the biggest truths of owning a German Sheppie: You’ll never be able to leave the house within a minute after getting a dog.

german shepherd owner helping her dog get into a car
Source: YouTube

#5 What You Doin’, Hooman?

Laura’s exercise sessions have become twice as fun and triple as challenging after getting a GSD, as he doesn’t exactly understand what she’s doing.

But, if your doggo is always present when you exercise, he might start doing the same as you after some time, so you might actually get an exercise buddy.

german shepehrd interrupts owner's workout
Source: YouTube

#6 Me Time Turns To Us Time

If you own a GSD, say bye to your favorite spot in the house, just like Laura did. Still, there’s nothing better than watching TV with your favorite furry companion, even if you have to sit on the sofa arm.

life after getting a gsd means having to share space
Source: YouTube

If you’re interested in watching the whole video and other adventures of Laura and her pups, check out Leo’s official YouTube or Instagram account.