Rescue Puppy Can’t Be Happier About His New, Fashionable Coat


Every dog’s pride is his coat. It is long, curly, short, luscious, flowy, silky, wiry, scruffy… They love it and we all love it!

But, when a dog loses its coat, it’s often a sign of some terrible illness. In most cases, that dog is severely stressed out, and it is suffering from a skin condition, allergies, infections, etc. The dog loses its pride, confidence, and overall health.

Losing his coat was the least terrible thing that happened to Sarang. On top of all his troubles, being rejected as a smol pupper, and living in the wild, the coat loss came as something that was expected to happen. 

But, little by little, poor Sarang got everything he ever hoped for, including a brand new coat, and he became the world’s happiest dog!

New Coat, Who Dis?

exhausted stray dog
Source: Youtube

We don’t know why his first owners ditched him in the mountains.

We don’t know if Sarang was a mischievous pup and a handful to handle. 

We do know that Sarang’s owners were bad people for leaving him, and let’s leave things there.

When Sarang was only a few weeks old, his first family left him alone in the mountains. He had no food, water, or shelter. He was in terrible condition, with his hip bone and spine bones protruding. 

a woman caresses a rescued dog
Source: Youtube

Lucky for Sarang, his misery was long, but not forever.

A group of hikers found Sarang and brought him back to the shelter where the poor pup was given a chance. Sarang got food, care, and the much-needed treatment for his condition. He could feel that everything was starting to become a lot brighter and shinier for him.

Although he was left to die in the wild, rejected by hoomans, and already suffering the worst things that a dog could ever experience, Sarang never lost his happy temper. He always remained a sweet and caring boy, able to see good in all people.

Shelter workers saw that the poor pupper was worth fighting for and they did everything they could to nurse him back to life.

And, Sarang fought hard, too!

He took all his antibiotics, he ate well to gain weight, he even started to put on some muscle tissue and grow stronger. 

Sarang was a brand new boy!

And, guess what?

His fur grew back! Sarang got his long lost fur back and he couldn’t be happier! 

rescued dog trained
Source: Youtube

Once rejected, the pup got his self esteem back and a huge chance for a lovely life.

And, he even learned that he can pull off tiny sweaters like no other dog!

playful rescued dog in the garden
Source: Youtube

All that was left was to find a furever home for this happy pooch!