Dog Rescued From A Construction Site Feels Love After Long Time


It takes a long time to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with your furry companion, but on the other hand, it only takes a few bad decisions to ruin everything!

That’s exactly what happened to Hanni, a senior, malnourished dog that was found under the ruins at a construction site.

Hanni wasn’t just a victim of her owner’s poor choice. When she was found, it was clear that she suffered severe abuse and neglect, as she was afraid, grumpy, and completely distrustful…

Hanni Was So Stressed Out And Afraid Of Humans

abandoned dog lying on the ground
Source: Animal Shelter

A worker from the construction site notified the animal shelter about Hanni, who was hiding there for days. She was evidently in a bad place! She wouldn’t eat or drink anything, and every time somebody approached her, she’d become grumpy.

sad dog in a cage
Source: Animal Shelter

It took a while for rescuers to put her in their car as she resisted a lot, but eventually, Hanni was safely transferred to a clinic for treatment.

Urgent Treatment Was Required

dog at veterinary having treatment
Source: Animal Shelter

She was brought to the clinic for a regular check up, but unfortunately, Hanni’s condition was a lot more complicated! She had a lot of ticks all over her body, but the main problem was that she suffered from parvo disease. 

Her recovery process demanded full-time clinical treatment with intravenous fluids. 

On top of all that, Hanni was severely malnourished and weak, as she didn’t eat properly for months…

It Took Time To Gain Her Trust Back

dog playing with man sitting on bench
Source: Animal Shelter

Day after day, this poor girl was getting better. The focus was on her physical well-being, but it was clear that Hanni needed some time to regain her trust in hoomans, too. 

She would always look away when someone approached her, and even though she didn’t growl or bark, it was clear that she wasn’t comfortable around people at all.

No one exactly knew what made Hanni so distrustful and scared, but it was as clear as day that someone hurt her very badly. 

Given her obedience on a leash, Hanni was clearly a family dog for a long period of time, but apparently her previous owners decided to abandon her.

dog playing outdoors with a ball
Source: Animal Shelter

After only a few weeks in a shelter, she had already become a brand new dog! Her intravenous treatment was finally over and she was slowly starting to get back on her paws to full capacity!

Hanni enjoyed fetching the ball and walking around with her new shelter family. She ate and drank well, and her strength was finally back! There were no signs of a timid dog anymore. She was now a friendly, kind girl ready to embrace new people in her life!

Maria And Hanni: The New Beginning

dog in cute outfit standing indoors
Source: Animal Shelter

A woman called Maria applied for adoption of Hanni as soon as she heard her story. She was ready to provide this senior girl with a loving home and lots of love, and Hanni reciprocated with enthusiasm!

She adapted to her new home in no time, which wasn’t that hard, given that she got a brand new, cozy bed and a dog-friendly apartment filled with love!

dog lying in his bed in house
Source: Animal Shelter

She even got new princess clothes, which made her look adorable! Hanni was now a princess in her new castle that she loved so much! After all this time on the street, she finally got what she always deserved… and more!

You can watch Hanni’s full story in the video below, made by Animal Shelter!