German Shepherd Meets A Porcupine And It’s Not The Friendliest Meeting Ever


Dogs and cats can be friends.

Dogs and birds can be friends.

Dogs and deer can be friends.

But, dogs and porcupines can never be friends!

Buddy, the poor rescue GSD, learned that the hard way. With his face full of porcupine quills, Buddy was desperate for help. 

If it wasn’t for good people, Buddy was seconds away from turning into… a porcupine!

Curiosity (Almost) Killed The GSD

german shepherd dog with man

Okay, it didn’t really kill this GSD, but Buddy, the pup, will always remember the pain he had to suffer after meeting a porcupine close up.

“He was so afraid and in pain that he nearly shut down… thankfully, he allowed these kind strangers to save his life,” said his rescuers.

Peeking from under the deck, Buddy was hoping his agony would end soon. Little did the smol pupper know that he was blessed after all.

When his rescuers came, they knew they had to react fast and trap the pup to prevent him from escaping. The deck where he was hiding was blocked, so one of the rescuers went down and grabbed Buddy.

They rushed off to the vet immediately to deliver Buddy from his agony. 

man saving the dog

Luckily, the porcupine quills didn’t leave any marks or infections. Buddy was fine and thrilled to have his face free of those nasty spikes. 

After being treated by the vet, Buddy was handed over to The Humane Society whose volunteers reunited him with his savior.

Thanks to good people and a lot of love and care, Buddy blossomed into a completely different dog. There was no sign of the porcupine face. 

man with sunglasses hugging german shepherd

Buddy was quite lucky to be rescued. If there hadn’t been any kind people around to help him, he would still be hiding under that deck, slowly turning into a GSD porcupine mix.