A Police Dog Chooses Funtime Over His Swearing-In Ceremony


When we think of police dogs, we see a K9 who is calm, confident, and fearless when doing his job and upholding the law. We don’t typically imagine these dogs as having a cheerful and playful side to their attitude, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this story, we will witness what a police dog is really like off-duty and how his colleagues react to the entire matter.

A Big Ceremony For An Important Member

police dog having fun
Source: Glynn County Police Department

K9, ‘Ghost’ is a police dog who works for Glynn County Police Department, in Georgia.

As a police dog, he had to go through long training to perfect his skills at Highland Canine Training, LLC. 

Upon finishing his first part of the training, he also trained with his new human partner, Officer Garza, and together, they became a good team.

Because Ghost completed his duties, his work colleagues decided to do a swearing-in ceremony for him as an honor

However, Ghost had other ideas about what was important in that moment.

In the video, we can see Chief of Police, Battiste, reciting the pledge of allegiance to the dog. 

Battiste tried to keep reading, but Ghost was having none of it. He wanted to play, so he kept on relentlessly jumping on Battiste and demanding playtime.   

When the officer finished reciting, he asked him to bark as a confirmation that he understands and accepts his duties, but Ghost did not respond to that, and just demanded belly rubs instead. 

Thankfully, another dog barked for him and the ceremony was completed.

The Reactions Are Plentiful

police man holding police dog on a leash
Source: Glynn County Police Department

The whole event went viral on the internet and drew a lot of attention. 

Some commenters applauded the officers by saying: I always trust a person that the dog loves because they are a good judge of character. Congratulations, officer Ghost.

One person also stated: Enjoyed this so very much. You can tell he is still such a baby. That had to be the longest 2 mins for the officer reading, but sir, you handled it beautifully.

While most feedback on the video is positive, there are some more negative commenters who seem to think that the dog is stressed out and shouldn’t be put through this, or just criticizing Ghost’s training due to his playful nature.

To address the criticisms, the dog was indeed trained well and is simply enjoying his time off work.

The Glynn County Police Department stated in one of their posts on Facebook: Our canine handlers also train weekly with their partners to ensure that both the K9 and officer are working at peak efficiency as a team.

Regardless, most people enjoyed the video and congratulated Ghost for becoming a member of the Glynn County Police Department as a K9 police dog.

The whole video was ultimately a sweet occasion for a very smart and hardworking police dog. I wish Ghost and his partner, Officer Garza, all the best on their new adventure.