German Shepherd Learns How To Be Gentle To Win the Hearts of Three Young Girls


We all know that German Shepherds might look a bit intimidating, but we also know that they are big softies and cuddle lovers. If, somehow, you didn’t know this, it will be proven to you in today’s tale. 

A gentle giant won over the hearts of three little girls and showed them how good of a boy he really is.

Two New Members Of The Family

Tommy, a newborn, and Ace, her new canine companion, share an extraordinary bond. Since Ace was adopted at the same time Tommy was born, they practically grew up together. Even though their relationship needed some time to perfect, they became inseparable!

german shepherd dog playing with little girl on the carpet
Source: Cuddle Buddies

In the beginning, Ace had to hang out with Tommy from a distance since he simply couldn’t contain all of that excitement from having a new friend.

He was very nippy and would jump on whoever came near him. He had to learn how to become gentle and learn he did! In no time, he was able to spend his days having fun and playing with Tommy.

During their playdates, which lasted for hours, he would lay next to her and share her toys. They even caught him sucking on her pacifier once. How silly is that!

german shepherd dog sucking pacifier on the carpet
Source: Cuddle Buddies

But, as he got older, he started to realize that he also needed to protect her. He is always on guard and high alert. He became a furry nanny who followed and observed.

New Nanny On The Job

When Tommy was learning how to walk, Ace was very nervous because she was going too fast, so he started grabbing the walker to slow her down. Whenever she was sick, he would cuddle with her on the couch, laying his head on her lap.

He also had a role to play with the other two sisters. 

The middle one loved to play outside, and that was perfect for Ace because he needed to burn off all that doggie energy he had. The oldest sister is a cuddler. If Ace isn’t running around outside or taking care of the baby, he is most likely enjoying a big, warm hug with her.

But, as soon as they leave, he is back at the nanny business, which really makes the mom, Amanda, happy:

They have their own form of communication. It is special to see them so close to each other. It just warms my heart.

@amandaa6613 Ace loves his tennis balls, but is happy to share 🎾🐾 #acethedog #aceandbaby #gsd #germanshepherd #dogsoftiktok #dogtok #dogmom #dogsandbabies #fypシ ♬ Circles – Instrumental – Post Malone

On top of all of his chores, he is also a TikTok star. Talk about a busy doggo! If you need more proof on how caring and responsible he really is, check him out!

Final Word

The heartwarming bond between a German Shepherd and the girls is a testament to the gentle and loving nature of these remarkable dogs. Despite Ace having to learn proper manners, he quickly adapted to becoming a gentle playmate and devoted companion.

In return, his life was filled with love, fun, and attention… a dog’s greatest treat.