These German Shepherd Puppies Have Something To Say About Bath Time


German Shepherds can be quite dramatic. I know that from my personal experience, and from the experience of my friends and family.

If they don’t like something, they will definitely let you know. 

And, you’ll hear them… trust me!

Bath time isn’t the favorite time for most dogs, and if your German Shepherd doesn’t like to get washed… let’s just say the entire neighborhood will know it.

Well, if the whole neighborhood could hear one dog, imagine what they’d feel like if they heard eight dogs barking, yelping, and screaming for help just because they were getting a bath. 

These eight rescue puppies needed to be washed urgently. They were too dirty for their own good.

Did they understand that? Of course not! 

Instead of embracing their destiny that they’d be freshly-washed and clean dogs, they screamed at the top of their lungs as if it was their doomsday. 

How Many German Shepherd Puppies Can You Fit Into A Bath Tub?

german shepherd puppies lying on the floor
Source: Girl With The Dogs

Eight, but you have to take them in one by one; otherwise, you’ll get soaking wet and the pups will get it their way. 

German Shepherds are quite social, and they love to communicate with hoomans by using all kinds of signals. From head tilts to tail wags and funny facial expressions – they cover it all! 

This breed isn’t normally so vocal like some others (by others, I mean their buddies, Huskies). But, these eight GSD puppies broke all the breed standards. They broke all the boundaries and left everyone dumbfounded. 

How can such a small puppy be so loud?

Most importantly, how can so many puppies have such similar reactions, if not exactly the same? 

Needless to say, they all hated the bath. They couldn’t pretend just for the sake of peace and quiet. 


They had to say it loud and clear:

Don’t you ever come near me with that hose. 

The first puppy was just an intro that this groomer’s visit would be a memorable one. She whined and complained like there was no tomorrow. But, the groomer was a hard shell to crack. 

These puppies had to be washed thoroughly because they were too stinky. Their new owners, who were waiting for them the next day, wouldn’t appreciate the smell.

woman cuddling german shepherd puppy while bathing him
Source: Girl With The Dogs

When the washing and drying part was over, the first puppy was super thrilled. The look on her face said: Hey, this wasn’t so bad!

woman holding german shepherd puppy in her arms
Source: Girl With The Dogs

The two male puppies that followed weren’t as dramatic as their sister that broke the ice. Still, you can tell they didn’t appreciate the treatment.

german shepherd puppy having bath
Source: Girl With The Dogs

Their brother, the fourth puppy in line, didn’t really realize that his sisters were the only ones allowed to be drama queens. But, no! He’s the queen in his world… quite a dramatic one, I might add. 

wet german shepherd puppy in a towel
Source: Girl With The Dogs

Still, this was all a small intro to what was waiting.

Puppy number five was a girl with an attitude. She obviously couldn’t stand being bathed, so she decided to let everyone know that. The nail clipping part didn’t go so well either, and she was whimpering and wagging her way out during the entire process.

woman clips nails to german shepherd puppy while grooming him
Source: Girl With The Dogs

The last three puppies knew exactly how to behave because they’d seen it all from their brothers and sisters… Again, with the whimpering, trying to escape, and constant complaining.

woman bathing german shepherd puppy
Source: Girl With The Dogs

But, they surely didn’t complain when they were all bathed, dried, and smelling like a floral bouquet! 

All eight puppies fell asleep in a puddle on the floor, super glad they didn’t stink of their own pee anymore.

I bet next time, they’ll think twice before giving the groomer the stink eye and such a loud treatment!