Dog Who Got Stuck In A Barn For Six Years Grew A 35-Pound Fur Coat


As soon as the local animal rescuers heard about a doggo who had been waiting for six years to be saved, they immediately rushed to him. The scene that they were met with made them stop in their tracks.

Check out the incredible story about a patient dog who was ready to take back his life!

Help Is On The Way

Lazarus is a dog who was faced with a series of unfortunate events. Not only did his owner get diagnosed with a terminal illness, which left him bedridden, but the dog also got stuck in a barn for six years.

During this time, his shiny coat got a little too big for him.

Fluffy dog

Luckily, to his rescue came a neighbor who, as soon as she found him, called for help. When animal rescue arrived on the scene, they were shocked. Lazarus was completely covered in overgrown fur.   

The reason why Lazarus was unable to get out in the first place was because the barn door got stuck in some mud. Over time, the mud accumulated so much that the rescuers had to shovel their way in.

When they managed to get to him, he was very scared and unsure. He was slowly approached and given some treats in order to establish trust.

But, he was not completely free yet. All that overgrown fur was still weighing him down. He could barely stand.

The groomers immediately got out the clippers and started shaving all of that excess fur. Lazarus was scared at first, but as soon as they started removing all of that weight, he relaxed.

Girl shaving the dog
Source: The Dodo

Imagine the relief he must have felt when they took off a whopping 35 pounds of fur from this doggos back.

As soon as he got his haircut, he looked like a brand-new dog!

Now, you may be wondering why he didn’t shed on his own like other dogs? Well, some doggos are able to shed all on their own, but others need some help from the groomers. It really depends on the breed.[1]

A Speedy Recovery

Unfortunately, all that fur and the time spent in that barn took a toll on him. He had some trouble walking, and he didn’t really have a lot of trust in people and his surroundings.

He had to think about every step he took.

Lazarus was taken to the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue where he started his healing journey.

He went through some training, which helped him learn how to properly walk again. He was also prescribed a lot of love and cuddles to make up for all that time he spent alone.

Being such a good boy, his recovery was a success! Now, he can easily walk up and enjoy his favorite food.

It also didn’t take long for him to find his forever home! His new mom, Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey, threw him a party to celebrate his eighth birthday:

Thank you for being the sweetest, most loving, even-tempered dog I could dream of for the last three years. The last year hasn’t been fun with numerous health issues, but you take it like a champ, shared Amanda, on Facebook, where she gives regular updates on him. 

Girl with beautiful dog

Final Word 

Please remember that regular vet visits are essential for dogs. The well-being of a dog’s fur is just as crucial to its overall health as its internal organs. So, if you come across a dog who is in need of a haircut, contact the nearest shelter or vet so that they can get the care they deserve.

And, Lazarus, you incredible dog, thank you for reminding us of a very important lesson we tend to forget: time is our friend, we just need to be patient.


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