This Couple Had A Giant Bed Built So All Of Their 8 Rescue Dogs Could Fit 


When you share a bed with your pooch, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find a good spot, but when you have eight rescue dogs who all want to join in at nighttime – it’s mission impossible. 

So, this upstate New York-based couple had to get creative and come up with a solution that would be good for everyone. 

They wanted a bed so large that it could fit both of them and their eight dogs comfortably… Amazingly, they achieved exactly that. 

New York-Based Couple Came Up With A Big Idea

photo of Chris and Marissa with their rescue dogs
Source: Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

Chris and Marissa Hughes, of Clifton Park, New York, love all of their eight rescue dogs and would do absolutely anything for them. 

So, when their dogs started sleeping with them at nighttime, they did not even think of banning them from the bed. But, they came up with a big idea – why not build a huge bed that could fit all of them comfortably? 

“At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed, and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch. So we built the megabed,” Chris Hughes told TODAY. 

The couple posted about their idea on a website called Thumbtack, hoping that there would be someone willing to execute their idea. 

Fortunately, a skilled craftsman from the local area, namely Mike Ford, from Michael’s Custom Interiors, spotted the ad and was able to rectify it.

“I’m a dog lover myself, especially senior dogs,” Ford told ABC News.

“It broke my heart because I can’t imagine all the love and work these people put into their organization. They came up with the idea for the king-sized bed and asked me to come up with the concept to make it all work,” Ford said.  

It took some thinking and tweaking to make the perfect big bed, but it turned out even better than they had hoped. 

Introducing The Megabed

photo of the giant bed
Source: Michael’s Custom Interiors

Ford built this bed out of solid cherry wood. The megabed, as they like to call it, takes two mattresses, and is almost 14 feet long and 7 feet wide. 

The headboard itself is 6 feet tall. 

This giant bed also has three pop-put drawers on each side and stairs for the dogs who can’t jump that high. 

“I can’t get over how awesome the bed is,” Hughes told TODAY. “It’s freaking huge!”

The bed has some special touches as well. Into the posts, Ford engraved the hand-carved paw prints modeled on his late dog, Bailey, who died at the age of 16.

bed with hand carved paw prints
Source: Michael’s Custom Interiors

“I added the dog print from my senior dog because they have such a heart for senior dogs themselves,” Ford said.

The bed can fit all 10 of them – Marissa and Chris, and their eight beloved dogs: Mabel, Gremlin, Meatball, Tejas, Money, The Stig, Sam, and Quinn.

This Family Are Huge Dog Lovers

the giant bed with all rescue dogs on it
Source: Gremlin – The Mr Mo Project

The Hughes are not only avid dog lovers, but they also operate a rescue organization for senior dogs, known as The Mr. Mo Project, named after their beloved dog, Moses, who succumbed to cancer. 

The Mr. Mo Project is a non-profit organization that gets senior and sick dogs facing euthanasia out of shelters and places them into loving homes for the rest of their lives. 

In addition to medical expenses, the rescue also covers living expenses at the hospice homes.
Visit here to support their organization and everything they do for the dogs.