From Fear To Trust, One Officer’s Dedication And A Dog’s Journey To Safety


When Kaye Fiorello saw a puppy caught on the side of the road, running around in fear in the heat of Cleveland, she immediately called highway police for help. To immediately bring the dog to safety, officer Pumpy Tudors arrived.

We are lucky that the caring police officer brought the dog water, food, and cover with Kaye’s assistance before taking her to the Cleveland Animal Control Center for a checkup.
The dog thanked the people, but still had a little bit of fear in him.

Better Safe Than Sorry

police officer with dog (2)

When Kaye saw her, he said that he would remain here till she builds trust in me. 

”It sounded like a happy dog sigh. And, those deer eyes: the difference was night and day. They connected. It was powerful. I was crying a few tears of happiness for that girl.”

abandoned skinny dog

However, the drama of this rescue was only getting started. Tennessee Highway Patrol reported the case on its social media platforms after transferring the dog, named Princess, to the rescue center.

The Highway Patrol made an announcement on their Facebook page:

“On one hot summer day, a patrolman was alerted to a puppy in distress, thanks to a Good Samaritan. The dog was dehydrated and in severe need of water and shade from the sun on the side of Interstate 75. This lovely puppy is now receiving excellent care at Cleveland TN Animal Control. Officer Tudors’ water and snacks were appreciated by the dog.”

A veterinary examination showed that Princess had a hip fracture and needed treatment after being in the care of the rescue facility, which she was obviously not going to face by herself. 

After saving the puppy, Officer Tudors fell deeply in love with her, and he made the decision, together with his family, to welcome her as a new family member in their home.

woman carrying dog in arms

How love can prolong life

Kaye Fiorello, who first noticed Princess, was so happy when she heard about what happened further with Princess, and that she made her the happiest dog in Tennessee. Love and the need for animal care saved the dog that day. 

There is still hope for abandoned and sick dogs because our kindness can truly save their lives.

police officer protects dog with umbrella

Sometimes, seemingly small decisions we make throughout our life can have a huge impact on the lives of others.

This touching story demonstrates the amazing power of humanity to change course and build long-lasting relationships of love.