GSD Girl Saved From The “Forever Sleep” List Gives Her Hooman A Huge Surprise


Abraham Lincoln once said:

“Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one”.

I couldn’t agree more. 

Those who have saved a life know the kind of satisfaction they get from it, even if it had to do with saving a little bird from the neighborhood cat.

Saving dogs in need is pretty addictive. Once you save a canine, you instantly become a dog person who wants to make a change in the world. We, dog lovers, all have one goal: to save all dogs in the world! 

Lucie Holmes, a woman who runs a shelter in North Yorkshire, England, knows exactly how good it feels to save a life. She saved many of them in the past, but this time, instead of one, she accidentally saved ten more pup’s lives!

Lucy Saves Luna… And More!

GSD Girl with euthanasia lying on the tiles and looking at the camera

In her active service as a dog rescuer and the owner of Lucie’s Animal Rescue, in North Yorkshire, England, Lucie Holmes saw many different cases of dogs that needed a second chance.

But, rarely did any of them touch her like Luna’s case did. 

A quick phone call brought Luna to her attention and she knew she had to come on over and take the gorgeous German Shepherd girl into her organization.

Luna, a then one-year-old German Shepherd, was classified as an unwanted dog. Not one single person came in to ask about her or offer her a loving home. The poor girl was on the edge of being put to sleep.

Luckily, fortune smiled upon her and Lucy came to pick her up.

As soon as Lucy and Luna stayed alone, Lucy noticed something odd. 

Naah, it’s impossible… Otherwise, they would tell me about her. Lucy wondered. 

Still, the signs were pretty obvious, so Lucy brought Luna in for a vet checkup.

Her assumptions were right: Luna was pregnant, due any day now!

GSD Girl looks at the girl with a smile

Lucy was in shock! She didn’t really expect puppies when she signed up for Luna. But, the damage was already done, and Lucy went home to prepare everything for the upcoming litter of tiny German Shepherds. 

Although the vet said Luna was due any day now, it actually took two more weeks for the lovely girl to give birth. 

“We were expecting four, possibly five puppies,” Lucie said. “We could not believe it when she delivered 10! I stayed up with her all night, and she was amazing.”

GSD Girl lies down while her offspring nurse her

Luna couldn’t wish for a better doula. Lucy was there with her all the time, supporting her and showering the new mommy with love and care.

And, Luna was doing fine, too! Although she was a young mom, Luna was a natural. She took amazing care of her puppies… all ten of them!

cute puppies suckle their mother while she looks at the camera

It turned out that Luna’s lover was a Stafford and Collie mix, called Rocco. Luna’s babies were Staffy Collie Shepherds… six girls and four boys.

According to Lucy’s Animal Rescue, all the babies, including their momma, found their furever home, and once again, Lucy’s mission was a complete success!