Stolen Pittie Terrier Mix, Junior, Reunites With His Family After 8 Long Years


They say that Christmas is a time of miracles, and the story of Julia Nemeth and her family is real proof of that! 

When the Nemeth family lost their dog during a home invasion in Barberton, Ohio, they thought they’d never see their family dog, Junior, again.

The stolen Pit Bull Terrier mix spent eight long years apart from his family, under vague circumstances, until the magic of Christmas worked. Here’s the full story!

He Went Missing In 2012

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Source: People

According to the Humane Society of Summit County, from Twinsburg, Ohio, Junior was stolen from the Nemeth family in 2012 during a home invasion. This gorgeous Pittie Terrier mix was raised from a puppy and trained for companionship and protection.

The two spent two amazing years together, building a strong, nurturing bond together. She even taught him some hand commands so they could communicate during her baby’s nap time. They were inseparable and attached to each other until one day, Junior went missing. 

‘Buddy’ Was With HSSC For Two Years

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Source: Humane Society Of Summit County

Julia spent countless days searching for her long-lost buddy. Days turned into months, and months into years, but she never lost her hope! She was constantly scouring shelter photos and pet groups online, but she never had any luck.

In 2018, Junior was brought from a street to the HSSC facility in fair health. Even though he had tapeworms, Junior (later named ‘Buddy’) was an enthusiastic, playful dog. He quickly adapted to volunteers and developed a strong bond with them.

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Source: Humane Society Of Summit County

However, this Pittie mix was always, in a way, aloof with strangers. He was adopted three times during the course of two years by different families, but it turned out that no family was the right fit for him!

Julia and her family found the picture of Buddy on the HSSC official website, just a couple of weeks before Christmas. 

When she called and explained the whole situation, the volunteers compared the photos of Buddy and Junior when he was a puppy. As it turns out, the resemblance was uncanny!

The Reunion Day Has Finally Arrived

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Julia immediately rushed to the facility, hoping that Junior would remember her after all those years. And, indeed – it happened! 

Junior was a little bit nervous and shy at first, but after only a few short minutes – it was as if he remembered Julia perfectly! He even responded to her old hand signal commands like before!

“She tried some of the hand signal commands she taught Junior years ago and he obeyed them perfectly,” wrote the HSSC team.

dog licking his owner in the park
Source: Akron Beacon Journal

This was an emotional reunion both for Julia and her dog, proving that these four-legged companions never forget those who love them! 

Nobody exactly knew what the history behind Junior’s missing was, but it didn’t matter anymore! All that mattered was that he was finally with his long-lost family, safe in the arms of those who truly love him!

Julia spent some time preparing Junior for life in a crowded home, with four other children and another family dog. Turns out – Junior had no problem adapting to the newest family members, as he embraced them all!

“He warmed up to the children and the family’s other dog quickly,” wrote the HSSC team on their Facebook.

woman cuddling her dog in the park
Source: Akron Beacon Journal

After all those years, the Nemeth family was finally together in their lovely Ohio home. And, Christmas couldn’t be better!