The Adorable Dog And Cat Duo Refuse To Be Separated, Even After Being Rescued


It’s a common myth that dogs and cats dislike each other. We’ve all probably heard or seen a situation where a dog would chase a cat, and then the two of them would fight. But, how much truth is in this myth?

Well, not a lot. Scientists seem to believe that while the two can be at odds with each other from time to time, they are not exactly sworn enemies.[1] 

Anyone who has owned both can attest to that statement, including myself.

An Unusual Duo

Black dog and black cat sitting
Source: Jackson County Animal Shelter

Sassy and Shadow have been together for a long time. In fact, the staff at Jackson County Animal Shelter can’t seem to recall ever seeing the duo separated. If you are wondering who they are, then let me introduce you. 

Sassy is a six-year-old dog, and Shadow is a one-year-old cat, and the two of them have an amazing bond. The duo was abandoned by their families and left on their own. 

Even though they could have just gone their separate ways, they stayed together until help came and somebody rescued them.

Lydia Sattler, JCAS’s animal services director, was as surprised as anyone else. She told The Dodo: This cat and dog were practically glued together; it’s really rare to see that.

When the Good Samaritan brought Sassy some food, he was even more shocked to see that she let Shadow eat first

Start Of A New Adventure

Black dog and black cat sleeping
Source: Jackson County Animal Shelter

When it was finally time to move them to a shelter, the JCAS staff wasn’t sure what to do. The duo seemed inseparable, and trying to separate them would backfire.

Sattler said: When they got here, we didn’t want to separate them, but we have a dog-specific room and a cat room. There’s a large space for multiple cat housing that was available, though, so we decided to put them in that room so that they could stay together.

When they were finally settled in the shelter, the situation didn’t change much. They still spent most of their time together, whether it was napping, eating, or playing.

The staff at the shelter were just blown away by the adorable bond between the two, and knew they needed to find their new home together.

They spent a lot of time looking for a family that would take them both in, and after a month, they were successful.

She said: They ended up finding a great home where they get to continue that bond that they have. They’re continuing to enjoy their time together, and they don’t have to worry about being hungry anymore.

Sattler made sure to receive regular updates on the fantastic duo from her new family, and she is relieved that they have found such an amazing home with a family that loves them and takes great care of them. 

If you weren’t convinced that dogs and cats can be friends before this story, then I hope that this story has changed your perspective on the topic.


[1] Becker, M. (2012, May 6). Cats and dogs can live together — with some help. Today, Vetstreet.