After Being A Victim Of Animal Cruelty, Noah, The Starving Puppy, Gets A Fresh Start


Our own misery and problems are the worst to us. But, when something slaps us in the face and shows there are bigger issues in the world, our problems seem irrelevant. 

The story of Noah, a written off puppy, will shake you to the core and make you stop for a moment to think about everything.

Rarely did any puppy survive what Noah did. Rarely did any dog have to face the same misery.

Noah’s Misery

sad little dog on the grass
Source: YouTube

All Noah wanted was a family… someone to love him forever. 

When his previous owner picked him up, Noah believed he would finally get what his heart wanted. But, little did he know, the new life that was about to start could have meant the end for the little puppy. 

Noah received nothing but pain and misery from his last owner. He never felt love. He never felt cherished. The only treatment the puppy received was neglect. The owner was beyond cruel to the innocent creature, never worrying about punishment that might come from above.

Noah’s neglect went that far… he even had to eat the owner’s kids’ feces. He received nothing but brutality, and such treatment made Noah weaker and sicker by the second. Something had to be done to put an end to this misery.

The only good thing Noah’s owner did to him was abandon him at the local Junquito park. Noah was better off as a stray fighting for his life rather than living in that house. At least he now had a chance to be rescued by good people.

And, one of those people actually came by. Noah’s rescuer, Rosalba Alvernia, came one day and brought Noah a chance for life.

Noah’s New Start

skinny little dog
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When Rosalba first saw Noah, she couldn’t believe her eyes. You see a lot of neglected dogs and pups in need, but Noah’s case is something that shakes up a person. 

He was skin and bones… shaking, trembling, and anticipating another hit that life might bring him. Noah was so weak that he couldn’t stand up on his own legs!

The owner brought Noah to the point of starvation when the pup’s poor body refused to work anymore.

Rosalba brought Noah back to an animal shelter, which had a veterinarian clinic. The poor puppy received food and warmth. He couldn’t believe that a human being would do anything good to him. That’s how broken he was. 

Noah gratefully accepted the meal, hoping there would be more of it.

puppy eating from bowl
Source: YouTube

Of course, there was more of it.

Noah received small portions of food that were gradually increased as the puppy’s condition improved. When he first arrived at the shelter, he ate his meals lying down. Now, little by little, the puppy is standing up, almost sitting. 

Clean, fed, and free from parasites, Noah was feeling much better, and the obvious proof of it was him standing up on his legs.

Noah beat the odds! He was back on his feet. 

too skinny puppy
Source: YouTube

At first, he looked more like a wobbly newborn lamb than a puppy. But, thanks to constant medical attention and good people at the shelter, Noah started looking more like a puppy. He even began putting on weight, hiding those protruding bones.

Despite receiving such treatment from his previous owner, Noah still didn’t lose his faith in humans. He showed everyone that he was a happy, friendly puppy. Everyone at the shelter, including all the dogs, loved Noah! 

puppies on blanket
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And, Noah loved them back for giving him food, warmth, shelter, and a brand new life.

To this day, there is no further information on Noah. The last we heard was that he was safe, sound, and enjoying his best life at the shelter. The good people there promised to take care of him, so he would never end up hurt again.

As for his savior, Rosalba, she still goes around saving one dog at a time. You can follow her on Instagram and see what amazing rescues this woman does! 

May there never be a case like Noah. May the owner get the same treatment as he gave Noah.