After Saving His Life, Man Decides To Adopt The Sweetest Pittie Mix Puppy


Being a volunteer in an animal rescue naturally implies some heartbreaking moments, but there are also the ones that are nothing but pure joy and satisfaction. 

When Joey Wagner, a part-time volunteer at BSM Animal Society, from Nova Scotia, Canada, received a call about an abused Pitbull puppy mix, he reacted immediately. 

The puppy was minutes away from dying as he was severely neglected and abused, and on top of all that – he suffered from mange. Luckily, his savior was just in time to bring him to the vet. 

This is their story…

Mojo’s Life Was Saved In The Last Minute

man holds a pitbull mix puppy that he saved from dying
Source: JOE

Mojo, the Pittie-mix puppy, was in terrible condition when Joey found him. He promptly took him to the hospital where Mojo was treated for severe dehydration and mange. This serious disease is caused by mites found at the hair follicles, and it caused Mojo to lose all his hair.

Even though many people made inquiries about Mojo, the puppy needed time to recover in the hospital, making his adoption impossible at the time…

The Pittie Remembered His Rescuer

mojo in the arms of his rescuer
Source: ProjectHappyWay

When the hospital staff confirmed that Mojo was getting better, Joey was first in line to fill out the paperwork. He wanted to adopt the puppy very much, and naturally, he was the obvious choice!

When he came to the hospital to see his new companion, Mojo’s reaction was heart-melting. Nobody expected the Pittie to remember his savior as they didn’t spend much time together, but Mojo immediately rushed into Joey’s arms and started licking him!

The reunion of the two was extremely emotional for all! The hospital staff were just glad to see that Mojo got the pawfect owner!

Mojo’s Furever Home Couldn’t Be Better

photo of mojo cuddling with another dog at home
Source: Hope For Mojo

Joey and his wife are long-time dog lovers! Their home is basically a dog palace filled with love, and it is conformed to a pawesome doggo life. Mojo got other furry friends, as the Wagner family already had several dog pets, too.

His naturally sociable personality helped him adapt to his new home in no time. Mojo was finally in the arms of the owners who took good care of him, living his best life.

His Memory Will Always Live On

portrait of mojo, the rescued pitbull mix puppy
Source: Hope For Mojo

After years of wonderful life in the Wagner home, this beautiful white Pittie mix passed away in 2022 of cancer. Joey notified everyone about Mojo’s death on his Facebook.

“Mojo had a cancer tumor on one of his heart arteries… I made sure he had water, and off I went to do some work outside…not realizing that would be the last time I talked to my boy….2 to 3 hours later I come in to check on the boys and Mo had passed…..laying on the floor two feet from his bed.”

Despite the fact that it has been almost a year since Mojo left this world, his legacy is still alive.

“It’s soon going to be a year since he left us. Missing him is hard. But, so happy he was in all of our lives. He was a legend…..and none can ever take that away from him….his legacy will live forever.”

Joey and his family will remember Mojo forever for his wonderful personality. He was such a sweet and affectionate dog that had a rough start, but eventually lived a good life with his loving hoomans. Rest in peace, Mojo! Your memory will always live on!