Goofy Golden Retriever Gets Bored On A Flight And Decides To Entertain Everyone Around


I have some news for you – did you know that plane rides are actually… BORING!?

Well, evidently, Huxley thinks so!

This perky Golden Retriever was taken on his very first plane ride by his mom, only to find out that he’s not so thrilled by the very idea of being seated in one place for the whole ride.

Out of protest, he decides to switch the seats and sit next to a man in the row in front. But, that’s not all, as what happens the very next moment will have you rolling in the aisles!

Huxley after hearing a packet of crisps open

photo of the golden retriever on the plane
Source: Ursula Aitchison

Huxley didn’t like the idea of his mom ignoring him during the flight one bit, which is why he decided to give her a lesson! He figured that if Ursula wasn’t gonna entertain him – someone else surely was!

He left his seat and decided to sit next to a man in front of them. Although a little surprised to see a doggo sitting next to him, the man was very thrilled and more than happy to welcome such a pawesome seatmate!

Everything started out as a pawfect “making new friends” story until Huxley got interrupted by a well-known sound.

the golden retriever called huxley
Source: Ursula Aitchison

That’s right! It was his mom opening up a snack! A delicious packet of crisps! 

He changed his tune in a second, turned around, and stretched his tongue out as much as he could!

Huxley sticking his tongue out on the plane
Source: Ursula Aitchison

The next thing you know – he squished his nose and showed his teeth in an attempt to reach for the snacks.

close-up photo of huxley between the airplane seats
Source: Ursula Aitchison

He was determined to get some of the snacks, but he seemed to be stuck in between the seats!

goofy huxley on the plane
Source: Ursula Aitchison

Without even knowing, he suddenly became everyone’s entertainment and proved once again that he’s probably the goofiest, yet most adorable Goldie in the entire world!

the golden retriever bored on the plane
Source: Ursula Aitchison

“Huxley milliseconds after hearing a packet of crisps open,” his mom wrote in the post.

Always Goofing Around With His Brother

This is not the first time Huxley won everyone’s hearts with his silliness! In fact, his silly temperament is just who he is – and everybody loves him for that!

He jumps in the tall grass, chases bunnies, makes people laugh, and on top of all that – he makes friends all the time!

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“Meanwhile Huxley has discovered his new favorite thing… Ironically, Hux is chasing bunnies,” Ursula wrote.

Above all, Huxley’s the happiest around his mom and his brother – Hugo. 

two golden retrievers out in nature
Source: @hugoandursula

The two have been siblings for a very long time now and they just don’t know life without each other anymore!

photo of golden retrievers with their owner ursula
Source: @hugoandursula

They’re always paired, hanging out with their mom and even traveling across the country together!

golden retrievers sitting with their owner at breakfast table
Source: @hugoandursula

He’s A Natural Therapist, Too!

Golden retriever Huxley at city walk in London
Source: @hugoandursula

Being adorably goofy isn’t the only “secret weapon” up Huxley’s sleeve. He also has the power to make people instantly better, which was proven a million times.

Ursula occasionally “lends” Huxley to her friends in need when they’re feeling down – just to make them happy again!

“Last night, a friend of mine asked to take Huxley out for the evening because her friend was going through a breakup and she wanted to cheer her up with a dog. I think a date with Hux in the city is helping to heal a broken heart.”

Yup – that’s Huxley! The gentlest, funniest, most adorable pup in the world! Okay, alongside Hugo… I admit.

You can keep up with them on Ursula’s Instagram and make sure you don’t miss out on their future pawdorable adventures!