Crying Dog Asks For Help To Save Her Pups


When rescuers found out about a dog in distress, they stopped everything they were doing to assess her. The dog was obviously trying to tell them something by making them follow her, and they were happy they did.

Here is the story about a mother who never lost hope and got reunited with her babies who were in grave danger.

Rescue Mission 

dog standing in ruins asking for help
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

When a mama dog was running down the street crying, passers-by knew she was looking for help. They immediately called animal rescuers who understood what she needed, and they started following her.

The determined canine took them to an abandoned house that had recently collapsed and she started pointing to a specific spot. One of the rescuers assumed that the house must have collapsed in a place where she kept her pups since only a scared mother would act this way.

He immediately started digging, removing rocks, dirt and other debris that came from the crumbed house. Whenever he stopped to catch his breath, she came in with her paws, digging away to get to her babies.

man and momma dog digging to rescue puppies
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Even when the rescuer was hesitant about the survival of the puppies, the mom did not give up hope!

Seeing how determined mama was, the rescuer couldn’t give up so he started digging again, throwing away all the big and heavy stones to the side.

He even had to pick up and move the mom out of the way to get to her babies since she was so persistent. 

After some digging, they started hearing little cries coming from the dirt. The relief that both the rescuer and the dog felt gave them the strength to carry on. Knowing that her pups were alive made the mom’s tail wag in excitement!

Seeing how the rescuer was giving everything he had on rescuing her babies, the mama dog stepped aside and patiently waited to be reunited with them.

The rescuer carefully dug out her pups one by one, brushing off all of the dirt they were covered in and placing them by their mom while they cried with joy.

When all of the babies were out, the rescuer decided to take them to a safer place. But, as he picked them up, the mom started to jump on the rescuer, not sure of what was going on and thinking that he was taking them away from her.

man embracing a dog lying down with her puppies
Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

However, as soon as she saw that he made them a new home with cozy blankets to keep her pups and her comfortable, she calmed down. He also gave the mama some snacks and fresh water to ensure that she would get all of her strength back to comfort and feed her babies.

Final Word

In the end, the mother’s restless determination and the incredible understanding of the rescuer to what she wanted made this rescue mission successful.

With every stone they turned, their love for the pups served as a guiding light, leading them through the dirt and reuniting a family once again.

We will be forever grateful to each and every rescuer who has dedicated their life to helping animals in need!