Four Legged Hero Rescues Sea Turtles


Who needs Spiderman when we have a four-legged hero dog named Saul!

Saul finds joy rescuing turtles in need despite cold temperatures that make it hard for animals to survive.

If there is ever a problem for turtles, they better call Saul. 

This heroic German Shepherd saved the lives of these majestic creatures, demonstrating that heroes can be found in any form, and reminding us of the incredible capacity for bravery and compassion in the animal kingdom.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Have Four Legs 

black dog with turtle
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Texas was affected by arctic storm, Uri, in February 2021, which left much of the state frozen for several days. A lot of turtles were in danger on the warm gulf coast due to the same environmental issues.

Freezing temperatures affected not only the coastal sea turtles, but also the residents.

The water was very cold, but that didn’t stop the dog named Saul from helping his friends in need. Saul helped in the search for sea turtles, and thus, saved the lives of these tiny animals.

Over 4,300 sea turtles were fighting for their lives, as the K9s 4 Conservation nonprofit organization stepped in with trained dogs to detect and locate the turtles.

dog laying on the floor with turtle
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The sea turtle nightmare began to unfold when the warm gulf water suddenly became unusually cold. The sudden drop in temperature from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit “stunned” hundreds of sea turtles. 

Cold-stunned sea turtles are susceptible to drowning because the chilly water makes cold-blooded creatures sluggish. 

Turtles that have been startled are unable to swim, and will float to the water’s surface in search of air.

But, by the time they get there, they can also go back under the water or wash up on the shore. If they are not saved, they may experience health issues or perhaps pass away.

Saul, a dog with a nose 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than a humans, was able to locate the sea turtles. See more about a dogs’ sense of smell here.

Thanks to him and the other dogs, many turtles were saved and rescued from the water.

dog in water with turtle
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The training they underwent and their dedicated efforts resulted in the rescue of numerous sea turtles. 

German Shepherds, besides being humans’ best friends, also exhibit empathy towards other animals and are willing to lend them a helping paw. In a perfect world, we would collaborate with these dogs and train them for a good cause.

Of course, Saul and the other canines were very important in assisting people in finding the turtles. To save as many turtles as they did would not have been possible without their preparation and dedication. The true heroes are the dogs.

dog with turtle
Source: Facebook

This story goes to show how one smart and trained dog can be pretty helpful. Imagine training more dogs to help other animals and humans. The world would be a better place.