A Heartbroken Dog Waits For Days Hoping Her Puppy BFF Survives


Best friends are the family members we choose. The bond we share with them is everlasting, and the adversities we face together make that bond even stronger. The emotional connection between best friends is so strong that it often resembles a soulmates’ connection.

The story of Sola and Tido will melt your heart and make you believe that dogs can be each other’s soulmates, too.

Let’s meet them and see how their heartwarming story unfolds.

The Instant Connection

Tido was born in a dark, dirty cage at a shelter. His mom, Mia, met him when he was only 5 days old. He couldn’t even open his eyes. She was heartbroken that this dirty cage was the first thing the puppy saw when he opened his eyes for the very first time.

The second Mia saw him, she knew that she would adopt him. She took him home and Tido met Sola, Mia’s first dog. The bond that these two formed was instant. Tido lovingly looked at Sola, and she was was very caring and protective over him. 

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She gently licked his face, showering him with affection. It was everything that Tido needed. For him, she was like a mother he never had.

Terrible News

Then, something devastating happened. On his fifth day at home, Tido suddenly started shaking. It was his first seizure. Mia and Sola were terrified. Mia immediately took Tido to see the vet.

She was shocked when she heard that he had canine distemper and that he was given only a 5% chance to survive.

Mia was absolutely heartbroken. She took Tido home and he continued with his treatment. Sola had to be separated from Tido because canine distemper is an infectious disease.

Tido’s Recovery

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Sola was deeply sad. Although she couldn’t be by Tido’s side and comfort him, she spent days waiting in front of his door, hoping that he would appear.

Mia took excellent care of Tido, giving him medications and liquids, and after three weeks, Tido recovered. He didn’t have seizures any more! They were gone!

“I felt a real miracle happened to us!”

Mia finally opened Tido’s door and Sola ran into his room. She was relieved to see Tido up and about. The shift in her mood was obvious. She was now beaming with joy.

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From that day on, their lives changed forever and the three of them became a family.  Sola and Tido never left each other’s side. 

Being There For Their Mom

Tido and Sola still live together and they’re very close. They enjoy spending a lot of time in nature and running in the forest. 

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In 2022, their human mom was diagnosed with cancer. The two best friends supported her and gave her the strength to beat the disease.

In May, 2023, Sola announced on her vlog that their mom’s battle against cancer finished. She made it! Now, nothing was standing in their way, and they were eager to enjoy their life to the fullest.

You can watch their wonderful story here.