Family Does Something Wonderful To Honor Their Loving Senior Dog


A wise person once said: Dogs might be in just a small part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole life.

Dogs, depending on their breed, stay with hoomans for a decade or a bit longer. But, that’s not nearly enough time that we want to have them for. Unfortunately, sooner or later, our pups will have to cross the rainbow bridge and say one last goodbye.

That’s why we should cherish every moment spent in their company.

That’s also why we should appreciate our dogs just the way they are, and stop nagging about things like them chasing the neighbor’s cat or nearby squirrels.

That’s why we should always show them how much we love them!

The family of Madison Best knows very well what it’s like to live with a canine for more than a decade. They always felt like Dixie was an equal part of the family… their fur baby. But, they’re also aware that Dixie might not be around for much longer.

What they all did to keep Dixie forever in their hearts made everyone tear up. 

Check out how they honored their loving senior dog!

Wearing The Heart On The… Paw?

photo of the senior dog Dixie in nature
Source: The Dodo

I’d say sleeve, but that wouldn’t be correct because dogs have no sleeves. And, this dog, in particular, actually wears her heart on her paw!

Dixie came to the Best family 12 years ago. She’s a sweet Labrador girl that came to them when she was a young pupper, and she grew up with their daughters.

Dixie has always been a terrific dog, so sweet and gentle, and always ready to cuddle and play. She’s the real definition of what a canine sidekick should be like!

Dixie and her owner
Source: The Dodo

“She has been with me and by my side through all the good times and the bad,” said Madison, the mommy of the family.

Now, very well into her senior years as a Labrador Retriever, Dixie has started showing some signs of her old age. Labs usually have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, but the entire family prays Dixie outlives all the expectations. 

She already has lost her signature yellow coat coloration in some spots that have turned white.

But, one thing has remained: the only marking on her body!

Ever since she was a smol pupper, Dixie has had a small, heart-shaped mark on her paw. It’s tiny and brown, and it’s the only thing that sets her apart from other yellow Labs.

The whole family agreed they should honor Dixie in some way, but they weren’t sure how. That’s when their daughter came up with an idea, and mom and dad couldn’t say no. 

Since one of the daughters was having a birthday soon, and she was the right age, she thought of getting her first tattoo. You know how it is with most parents and their childrens’ tattoos… They usually disagree.

However, this time, they all had to say it was a terrific idea.


Well, because the daughter wanted to tattoo the same heart-shaped mark Dixie had on her paw! 

photo of Dixie's paw
Source: The Dodo

“She’s our best girl,” Best said. “We are so proud to finally match her little heart.”

Dixie's paw and her owner's heart tattoo
Source: The Dodo

The tattoo turned out so great that Madison and her other daughter wanted to do the same! 

photo of three feet with heart tattoos
Source: The Dodo

Dixie definitely left a mark in their hooman’s hearts. Now, that mark is visible to everyone!