Dog Runs Away From A Shelter To Be With His Favorite Volunteer In The World


Dogs aren’t that different from men. Give them food and cuddles, and they’re happy. Sorry, guys, that’s just the way things are.

My nana always said that if I want to land a mand, I’d need an apron and a cookbook. Okay, things have changed ever since, but the claim that “love goes through the stomach” remains. 

Every guy I ever loved, loved my cooking. 

Well, it’s not strange given the fact 99% of my guys were dogs!

When I heard about Ted, the GSD and Akita crossbreed pooch, I felt like he was one of my own. Like all the important men in my life, Ted was pretty obsessed with food.

What he did to get more of his favorite treats blew everyone’s minds and made the Internet go nuts. 

Ted was a shelter dog, picked up by the SPCA in the Northwest Territories, Canada. 

Being brought into a new home that smelled like many dogs didn’t ease Ted’s anxiety. He was scared, wondering what would come next. 

The anxiety soon became tolerable as Ted met a young volunteer, Abbey. The two instantly clicked. Abbey tried to take him for walkies and fed him yummy treatos. 

“I fed him cheese-flavored bacon strips to try to get him to love me,” Abbey told CBC News North.

She even asked for a bigger kennel for Ted, but that’s where her communication with the rescued dog stopped.

But, Ted didn’t forget what Abbey did for him. He didn’t forget her acts of kindness. 

the dog sits on the floor and looks at the camera
Photo from: IHeartDogs

After a long day at work at the airport, Abbey returned home. She didn’t expect any delivery, but there it was, waiting for her on the deck. A surprise visitor named Ted!

Yes, Ted from the shelter was there, looking at Abbey, barking at her to pick him up and give him cuddles. 

Abbey couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the exact dog, with the same marking on the nose, and the same sweet soul. 

But, why is he at her house? Did he break out of the shelter?

Soon enough, Abbey contacted SPCA and they confirmed Ted is no longer there. The dog was an escape artist. He took a three and a half mile long trip, tracking Abbey’s smell, trying to reach her home.

Needless to say his mission was successful. Ted found his favorite volunteer thanks to his strong tracking genes. After all, he is a part German Shepherd. 

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Photo from: IHeartDogs

The miracle performed by the rescue dog was a clear sign for Abbey they have to be together.

woman and dog standing outside in the snow
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“It doesn’t really make sense how he would have chosen or found me out of all the smells… It’s just – it’s the weirdest, most amazing thing that’s ever happened.”

Today, Ted is the sweetest boy that actually allows Abbey to take him for walkies. Well, I bet it has a lot to do with those cheesy bacon strips. 

Or is it just love at the first sight?