5-Month-Old Puppy Found Cruelly Screwed To A Door Gets A Second Chance


Unfortunately, not all puppies have a smooth childhood that goes without any major disturbances. Aside from stray pups that spend most of their lives in inhumane conditions, there are the ones that are the victims of animal abuse.

One of those shocking stories comes from Union County, South Carolina, where a puppy named Asher was a victim of animal abuse committed by his owner, Tyler Austin Jerdo.

A five-month-old pup was rescued after his owner cruelly screwed his paws to a bathroom door. Once the rescuers came to the spot upon the call, they couldn’t believe what they saw…

Despite The Pain, He Never Stopped Being Friendly

dog with his arm injured
Source: Rescued in SC

Asher was in bad condition when the police broke into Jerdo’s apartment. He locked himself in the bathroom, together with Asher. The door was barricaded with a birdbath and an air conditioning unit, but the police still managed to break in. 

When they finally entered the bathroom, they saw a horrifying scene of a puppy screwed to the bathroom door. On top of all that, Asher was doused in paint. 

In order to help him, they needed to remove one of the screws with a drill and the other one by pulling the dog off, as it was so deep inside.

Dog licking girl
Source: Holly Wise

It’s still unclear why Jerdo committed such a horrifying crime, but the police suspect that he was under the influence of a strong substance at the time. He was immediately arrested, and the puppy was transferred to Union County Animal Shelter, in Union, South Carolina.

Bathing dog
Source: Holly Wise

Despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain, Asher was friendly to his rescuers right off the bat. He wagged his tail right after the screws were removed from his paws, and after he got a nice, refreshing bath – he felt a lot calmer.

However, one of his paws was in much worse condition that the shelter staff expected. According to Holly Wise, the shelter wasn’t capable of treating his injury properly, so the pup had to be taken to a specialist.

The Cold-Hearted Owner Pressed With Charges

dog screwed to a bathroom door
Source: ABC 4 News

As for Jerdo, Asher’s owner – he was pressed with charges for resisting arrest, animal abuse, and possession. He was also immediately denied bond.

His mom says that he was known for consuming meth and marijuana from before, and that she had been trying to get him into recovery.

dog laying in his bed
Source: Rescued in SC

Enjoying His Life Around Caregivers

Beautiful dog posing for his owner
Source: Rescued in SC

As the Union County AS couldn’t provide adequate help for this little boy, he was taken to Rescued In SC, in Charleston. He still wasn’t ready for adoption, as he needed to go through a slow, gradual recovery process.

He had surgery on his paw, and he already feels much better! Aside from cuddling with his caregivers and providing them with lots of beautiful smiles, Asher loves swimming in the pool and hanging out with his foster brother, Lazlo!

Two dogs laying on the couch
Source: Rescued in SC

After he fully recovers, he’ll be up for adoption, heading towards the pawfect home. After everything he has been through, he sure deserves it!