These Two Golden Retrievers Prove Love At The First Sniff Exists


Oh, love… Isn’t it the most wonderful thing in the world? 

The world would be such a better place if everyone felt the same way as Luna and Joey did.

These two fell in love at the first sniff and they’ve been cherishing that feeling for a while now. 

Hold on!

The first sniff???

Yes, because Luna and Joey first sniffed each other!

No, this isn’t some weird story about people addicted to sniffing. It’s a love story about two dogs – two wonderful Golden Retrievers! 

They’re living proof that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not less worthy if it is pure canine love. 

Crazy, Stupid, Teenage Love

two dogs playing with each other
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Luna and Joey first met when Joey and his mom, Maria, were looking for an apartment. They stumbled upon Luna and her mommy, Ksenia, and you could say the rest is history. 

The two Goldens instantly warmed up to each other like two crazy teenagers. And, they became inseparable.

The first couple of dates were just too awkward. The dogs were trying to figure out what that feeling was and why they kept getting drawn to each other so much. But, then they simply embraced their love and started spending more time together.

Joey played it cool (like any guy would) and let Luna go crazy about him. The sweet girl was absolutely head over heels for Joey ever since day one. She was constantly asking for his attention, but not in a desperate kind of way.

Joey lets her go nuts around him. And, when she sees that Joey doesn’t reciprocate her feelings at the moment, she sits on him and makes him show her some love.

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Of course, Joey just plays hard to get. He’s absolutely madly in love with her, and when someone mentions Luna’s name, he jumps up in a matter of a second and starts looking for her. 

This sweet couple spends every other day together. They play, they cuddle, and they show their mommies how much they’re happy to be together. 

Luna’s a big tease and loves stealing Joey’s favorite toys. Whenever she’s giving the nib nibs to one of his toys, Joey starts barking to distract her and then jumps straight onto the toy and steals it back.

two dogs sitting on the couch

It’s a sweet game they both love playing.

However, not everything is so sweet with this couple. Distance can sometimes drive them mad. When life gets in between them, and their mommies have a lot of work to do, Luna and Joey can’t hang out. 

If they were real hooman teenagers, I bet they’d spend all their time texting each other.

Their reunion after two weeks of being apart was filled with excitement, happy dancing, and tail wagging. Luna and Joey couldn’t believe they weren’t together for so long. It felt like an eternity!

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Luna and Joey aren’t just big huggers. They’re living proof that love is everyone around us, even in two cute Golden Retrievers. 

Every day with these two pups is a sweet adventure. Joey loves sharing his daily whereabouts on Instagram, and Luna’s account doesn’t fall far behind either.