The Inspiring Friendship Between A Pigeon And A Chihuahua


In a touching tale of unlikely friendship, an extraordinary bond formed between two very special creatures. This story will undoubtedly teach us about the strength of friendship, love, and the resilience of animals.

However injured they may be, animals always find a way to bring smiles and joy to people’s faces. And, when they see our smiles, they become instantly happy and cheerful.

Such was the case with an adorable dog and a pigeon, whose story you can read below.

Sue Rogers’ Dedication For Animal Rescue

a chihuahua and a pigeon lie next to each other

It can be especially heartwarming to watch friendships that are most unexpected. Herman, the pigeon, and Lundy, the Chihuahua, are two examples of how this is unquestionably the case.

The two-month-old Chihuahua puppy, Lundy, was delivered to The Mia Foundation in New York in January 2020.

In order to remember her late dog, Mia, who was born with a cleft palate, the organization’s founder, Sue Rogers, established the Mia Foundation in 2012.

Sue has saved more than 1,000 animals over the years, including Lundy and Herman. Once she finds a way to fix Lundy’s lack of mobility, she intends to find him a new home. 

A Dog And A Pigeon’s Heartwarming Bond

a chihuahua and a pigeon kiss

Lundy arrived from a breeder in North Carolina who had seen the small dog having difficulties walking, which is probably related to spinal cord injury. The dog quickly became friends with Herman, the rescue’s oldest resident – a pigeon who is unable to fly.

The two have been close ever since they first met at the shelter while cuddling on a dog bed, sharing kisses and creating the most priceless friendship.

Everyone thought that Herman was a female pigeon because she acted like a mother towards the puppy. She cared for him as she would for her own babies.

Sue said: “I put Herman in a dog bed, little burb instantly started taking care of Lundy. They instantly started to interact in a really adorable way’’.

Creating Second Chances

a chihuahua with a wheelchair drives a pigeon
Source: Instagram

Many people and organizations offered to help little Lundy. For example, Walkin’ Pets gifted Lundy with a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. This allowed Lundy to walk for the first time, with his best friend, Herman, cheering him on.

Once Lundy recovered and became mobile, he was ready for his new adventure to find his forever home.

Herman and Lundy had a loving relationship that demonstrated the depth of the attachment between many creatures, despite the challenges they faced in life.

Most significantly, their friendship highlights how crucial the Mia Foundation’s work is, and their desire for a second chance at life is something we would all like to acknowledge with gratitude and pride.

How A Simple Image Touched The Hearts Of Millions

chihuahua touches a pigeon with its paw

Sue said: “It’s amazing when people from all over the world fall in love with their new-found friendship. I was surprised when my post went viral instantly, with tens of thousands of likes, shares, and comments.”

“From a simple photo of a pigeon and a puppy being shared, we raised over $6,000. I never imagined photos of Lundy and Herman would move a lot of people! Almost 5 million people in a little over 24 hours”.
They became a true internet sensation, and their story has touched many people around the world.

cute chihuahua rested her paws on the pigeon

Through their unique friendship, this unlikely pair has left an indelible mark, inspiring us to embrace acceptance, celebrate differences, and cherish the incredible bonds that can be formed, even in the face of adversity.