Adorable Golden Retriever Loves Giving Out Free Hugs


When Cesar Fernandez-Chavez was going through a very sad period in his life, his friend, Daphne, found a way to make things a whole lot better

She got her friend the most adorable Golden Retriever who, as if she knew, wrapped her little paws around Cesar, showering him in fluffy doggo affection.

It was love at first hug!

Taking her in and naming her Louboutina, Cesar knew she wasn’t an ordinary dog. Her love for affection wasn’t just towards her dad, but to anybody she got to know. In no time, she started giving away free hugs and cuddles along the streets of this big city.

So, If You Ever Need A Hug, Come On Down To Chelsea, New York City

Dog and strange guy hugging
Source: @louboutinanyc

There Is A Big Chance You Will See Louboutina

Dog laying down on the sun
Source: @louboutinanyc

A Cuddly Golden Retriever

Dog and guy standing in hugging zone
Source: @louboutinanyc

Going On Her Walk, Giving Away Free Hugs

Dog hugging guys leg
Source: @louboutinanyc

At First, She Loved To Hold Her Dad By The Hand

Dog giving five to guy
Source: @louboutinanyc

She Wasn’t Even Taught This Trick; She Just Started Doing It

Dog and guy standing near cycles
Source: @louboutinanyc

That Handshake Turned Into A Big, Fluffy Hug

Guy and dog hugging
Source: @louboutinanyc

Loubie Then Decided That Everyone Needs A Hug

Girl and dog hugging
Source: @louboutinanyc

So, She Started Hugging Whoever She Saw On Her Walk

dog standing and hugging the girl
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She Became An Internet Sensation In No Time, Gaining Over 179k+ Instagram Followers, And Even Appearing On TV

guest dog in tv show
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Being A True Celebrity, She Insists On Being Brushed And Dressed Up Before She Goes Out

Dog with cute sunglasses
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She Has To Look Good For All Those Hugs And Cameras

Dog hugging guy with red shoes
Source: @louboutinanyc

Final Word

She quickly became an important addition to New York City, showing the importance of stopping and appreciating the little moments we tend to miss with all the rush going on in this big world.  

If you won’t be in her neighborhood anytime soon, you can still keep up with this incredibly loving and affectionate dog via her Instagram.