Pregnant Pittie Saved From The Street Gives Birth To A Pawdorable Litter Of Puppies


A plethora of doggos spend a lifetime wandering the streets, cut off from what can be called the minimum humane conditions. Even though there are around 3,500 dog shelters currently established in the U.S., according to 2022 statistics – there are still many dogs to be helped.

Sophie shared the destiny of her fellow wanderers for the good part of her life until a little girl sprung into action and provided her with a shelter. 

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, as the girl’s mother didn’t want Sophie around, and this poor Pittie girl was returned back to the street.

But then, just when it seemed that Sophie’s fate would be a lost cause, a volunteer from Redland, California, showed up!

Shuffling From One Place To Another Until A Rescuer Finally Showed Up

Pitbull standing in green grass
Source: Paws Show

Faith Easdale, the volunteer at Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, from Huntington Beach, California, received word about this poor Pittie girl wandering the streets. And, for things to be worse – this poor doggo was pregnant.

Pitbull Sophie lying in bed
Source: Paws Show

Due to constant shuffling from one place to another, Sophie was skittish and wary of people. Still, Easdale was inclined to help her no matter what! Together with her fellow volunteers, Easdale slowly approached Sophie, lured her into a car, and drove her to her home.

The Preciado Family Was The First Step Towards A Furever Home

woman petting Sophie the Pitbull
Source: Paws Show

Little by little, this Pittie mama-to-be was regaining her trust in people, but she still had a long way to go. Easdale set her up with a beautiful foster family. Klaudya Preciado and her family were more than happy to welcome Sophie to their home.

After all this time, Sophie was finally in a safe place where she could deliver her litter without worrying about her puppies not being safe. 

Sophie with her puppies lying in bed
Source: Paws Show

A few days later, adorable Pittie babies were born in Sophie’s foster home. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness for everyone, especially this Pittie mama who seemed relieved to finally have her babies next to her. 

Allen Boartfield – Sophie’s Whisperer

male hand petting Sophie
Source: Paws Show

Even after weeks in a foster home, Sophie was still suspicious about anyone getting close to her babies – except for Allen Boartfield, another volunteer working for the DFPR.

He was basically her own, private whisperer, around whom Sophie seemed so calm and relaxed. After a few days of working closely with Sophie, she let him pet her puppies and even hold them in his arms.

It seemed that Sophie really loved Allen’s gentle approach and the way he addressed her every single time he was around her. Once a skittish Pittie girl, she was all lovey-dovey next to Allen! 

A Happily Ever After For Sophie And Her Babies

photo of Sophie with other dogs
Source: Paws Show

Sophie’s puppies were getting bigger and stronger every day until they were finally big enough to go to a furever home. Every single one of them was successfully nurtured and socialized, all thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers! 

And, Sophie – she couldn’t be happier! After six months of intensive socialization with her caregivers, she was far from being her old self. Sophie was now a brand new girl who was constantly giving smiles to everyone! 

photo of Sophie smiling with a man next to her
Source: Paws Show

If there’s one thing we can say with certainty, it’s that Sophie and her puppies really deserve what they finally got – a warm, cozy home and a loving family!