Frenchie Gets To Live The Best Last Day Before She Crosses The Rainbow Bridge


One of the most heartbreaking stories comes from New Zealand, where a woman named Holly Sheddan, documented her doggo’s last moments before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

The French Bulldog, Indy, had only hours to live due to her severe brain tumor, and her mom didn’t want her last moments to be sad. 

She gathered all her strength and put the disease behind at least for a day to shower her loving girl with what she called “Indy’s best last day on Earth!”

The video soon went viral, melting the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

Indy, The Sweetest Girl Ever

photo of Indy the french bulldog
Source: @hollysheddan

Despite her progressing disease that has been slowing her down, Indy’s just the sweetest girl in the world! She just loves hanging out with her mom and her doggo brothers, leaving no room for boredom! And, even when she rests, she does it with such style!

photo of Indy and Holly
Source: @hollysheddan

She’s a city girl… that’s fur sure! Indy doesn’t mind meeting new people or hanging around at a coffee place with her mom. She just loves everything about her life!

However, when Holly realized that her little doggo’s body is shutting down and causing severe discomfort due to the disease, she was more than devastated! 

She knew that Indy hasn’t much time before she goes to eternal sleep, which is why she decided to shower her girl with love one last time.

photo of Holly and her french bulldog Indy
Source: @hollysheds

She somehow mustered all her strength, tried to hide the tears from Indy, and focused on good things only! 

Enjoying The Sun And Walking With Her Favorite Buddies

Indy's last walk at her favourite place
Source: @hollysheds

After she spent the perfect morning in mom and dad’s bed watching Disney movies with her Frenchie brother, Indy went to the beach with her favorite buddies in the world!

Indy enjoying her last sunset
Source: @hollysheds

She couldn’t walk very much, so she rather enjoyed the sun, sitting comfortably in the sand. Alongside her mom and dad, her aunties were there. It was indeed the perfect day!

And, let’s not forget the candies! Boy were there lots of candies that day! “Mom got it right,” you could just read from Indy’s eyes while she was enjoying her favorite flavors!

Indy eating her last cheeseburger
Source: @hollysheds

When she got exhausted, Holly took her in her arms and carried her to the car. She whispered only the sweetest things in her ear, making Indy relaxed and comfy all the time.

When they finally got home, she was served with the best and her very first cheeseburger ever. “I hope they serve these in heaven,” wrote Holly on her TikTok.

You’ll Be Missed, Little Girl

photo of Holly holding Indy
Source: @hollysheddan

Many people shared their emotional reactions to Holly’s video, saying goodbye to Indy and sharing their own experiences with their furry friends.

It’s always hard to part ways with the one you love, but at least this little girl had the chance to spend one more awesome day with the ones she truly loved.

“Rest in treats, little lady. You’ll always be snuggled up inside my heart,” Holly wrote on her Instagram.

Get some rest, Indy. You were indeed a good girl! 


rest in treats little darling 💔

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