Gala The Golden Retriever Didn’t Get Over Her Owner’s Ex Boyfriend


Love is a magical feeling that can make our hearts flutter and bring people closer. Sometimes, though, love can change, and people decide to go their separate ways. 

But did you know that our furry friends can also feel love and get attached to special people in our lives? 

Let me tell you a heartwarming tale about Gala, a wonderful Golden Retriever, and her unbreakable love for her owner’s ex-boyfriend.

Gala, The Bubbly Golden Retriever Puppy

photo of gala, the adorable golden retriever
Source: The Dodo

During the time Camila and her boyfriend were together, something special happened. Her family adopted an adorable Golden Retriever puppy and named her Gala.

When Gala joined their family, everyone was immediately smitten with her affectionate and playful personality, including Camila’s boyfriend. 

Dare we say, it was love at first sight? 

An Unexpected Encounter 

camilla's ex boyfriend and gala the dog reunite
Source: TikTok

After their breakup, Camila and her ex-boyfriend remained on good terms but naturally drifted apart over time. As they haven’t been seeing each other, it was only natural to assume that Gala might have forgotten all about him.

One evening, while Camila and Gala were taking a walk in the park, they spotted someone walking towards them. Even though it was dark, Gala could still recognize that person.

It was Camila’s ex!

Gala’s Exciting Reunion

an exciting reunion between camilla's ex and gala
Source: The Dodo

Gala was very happy to see Camila’s ex after such a long time. 

With a burst of energy, she ran towards him, leaping into his arms with a big, slobbery doggy hug. It was as if she was saying, “I missed you so much! I still love you!” 

Her tail wagged so fast that it seemed like it might take flight, and her eyes sparkled with happiness. 

Camila captured the heartwarming moment on video: 


♬ Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel (Alt) – Chiqui Chiquititos

It was like they had never been apart! 

Camila said, “It was beautiful to see them reunite.” Her ex even walked with them back home to make sure they were safe. Gala looked so happy being carried in Camila’s ex’s arms.

Hope For A Reconnection

cute photo of gala as a puppy
Source: The Dodo

Sometimes, unexpected things happen that bring people back into our lives.

We don’t know if Camila and her ex will get back together because of this reunion, but one thing is clear – Gala still has strong feelings for him!