A Senior Dog Gets A Little Brother To Help Him See 


As a beloved pet enters his senior years, it can get a bit hard. Even though it gets difficult for us, their fellow hoomans, we still have no idea how heavy the burden that they have to carry is.

From being able to run around for hours to having difficulty standing up, old age can really take a toll on a fluffy little doggo.

Hoomans can only do so much to help. While we can ensure that our dog has everything he needs, such as adequate gadgets to help him live more comfortably, sometimes another set of paws will do a better job.

Adjusting To A New Life

an elderly dog without eyes
Source: Instagram

Getting used to a new way of life sure can be tough and Tao, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, knows all about that. This pup’s life took a sharp turn when he was diagnosed with glaucoma.

One day, Tao was having a very pawsitive morning full of laughs and play. All of a sudden, he started shaking his head continuously as if he was trying to tell his mom, Melanie Jackson, that something was wrong.

She quickly picked up on this and took him to the vet. After some examinations, Tao was determined to be blind in one eye and had to get it removed.

a dog without one eye is sitting on the lawn
Source: Instagram

The vet suggested euthanizing Tao, thinking that being blind would only bring suffering. However, Jackson knew how strong and determined Tao was, and she refused to go down that path

She also knew how much he meant to the whole family and that they would do anything to ensure he had a happy life no matter his condition.

Tao could still see through his other eye, but his mom knew that this wouldn’t last. She started preparing him for a life without sight, teaching him how to move around all on his own without seeing where he was going.

Thanks to her efforts, by the time his second eye was removed, he already knew what he was doing!

Helping Paws

a cute puppy sits next to an older eyeless dog
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However, some help is always much appreciated. Jackson decided to get an extra set of paws in order to not only provide adequate companionship, but also to keep Tao protected at all times.

We were pleasantly surprised when Tao began walking up and down the stairs just three days after his operation. But, I just felt like he needed a buddy to help him and play with him now that he can no longer see, said Jackson.

She brought in Oko, an eight-week-old golden boy who was more than willing to help. In no time, Tao and Oko became best friends. Oko happily follows Tao around, making sure he is out of harm’s way and always has a buddy to play.

Tao is being trained to follow Oko’s scent, and Oko, to listen and respond to my commands to ‘stop, wait, go right, go left’.

a dog with an elderly blind dog is waiting for food
Source: Instagram

Oko became Tao’s own personal seeing-eye dog, bringing back the joy of life to his older brother.  

If you need more proof of their love and inseparable bond, head over to their Instagram where they share their adorable life, paw in paw, and even introduce a new family member. 

Final Word

Life sure does work in a mysterious way – it takes one thing away to make way for something new. It is on us to learn how to live with this and make the most of it.

Thank you, Jackson, for showing us that this truly can be done and for not giving up on your dog. We wish them all a happy life and send them pets and kisses.