Fearless Dog Goes On A Pawsome Rescue Mission To Save Her Prized Possession 


To many pet parents, their pet is one of the most important, if not the only important thing in the world. This is especially true for dogs since they look at their hoomas with utmost love and adoration.

However, sometimes a dog’s two-legged friend falls into second place, reserving the first one for a very special thing: their favorite toy.

Here is a story about a doggo who embarked on a very dangerous rescue mission in order to save her most prized possession.

Unbreakable bond

a white poodle with a green ball lies on the lawn
Source: The Dodo

Sayen, an adorable fluffy doggo, has a very special thing in her life. If you were thinking about her parents who love and adore her, well… the answer is both yes and no.

I’m sure she loves her parents very dearly, but there is this one thing that she simply cannot go without: her fuzzy green ball.

Sayen simply can’t imagine a playdate without her favorite toy. She takes it wherever she goes, even to dreamland, snuggling up with it during her naps. The fuzzy green ball became her constant companion, her sidekick… the Yin to her Yang.

a white dog sleeps on a blanket on the floor
Source: The Dodo

Unfortunately, Sayen’s worst nightmare almost became a reality.

Hanging out on the terrace with her parents, Sayen decided she wanted to play a bit of fetch with her beloved ball. She took it to her dad, Enzo, waiting for him to throw it. Without much thought, Enzo took the ball and threw it so hard that it ended up in their neighbor’s vacant lot.

“You should have seen the look she gave me. She was barking and started jumping around.”

Said Enzo. 

She simply couldn’t bear the thought of losing her treasured toy. Seeing how upset their pup was, Sayen’s parents had to find a way to get the ball back.

Rescue Mission

They came up with an incredible rescue mission, recruiting brave Sayen as the leader.   

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Armed with the strongest tether and reinforced harness, they gently lowered Sayen into the neighboring terrain. At first, she was a bit lost trying to find it probably because of all that adrenaline from such a tough mission.

But, fear not! Sayen had her trusty parents by her side, helping her out and pointing the way.

With every pawprint and sniff, this amazing little scout was closer and closer to her beloved toy. She could smell the victory and her green ball! When she found it, the whole team screamed in excitement.

Sayen took her ball and her parents gently lifted her up to safety. Luckily, they captured the whole moment on TikTok, where you can keep up with other adventures this incredible dog embarks on. 

a white poodle with a green ball in its mouth
Source: The Dodo

Final Word

This daring rescue mission not only reminded Enzo of how incredible and determined his dog is, but also that he should be mindful and present when playing with little Sayen.

However, Sayen’s trust in her dad took a little dip.

Now, she only brings it to my wife to throw it.

Let’s hope that over time, Enzo wins back her puppy’s trust and continues to spend incredible moments making unforgettable memories with his adorable fluffy doggo, Sayen.