GSD Girl Leia Waited Patiently By The Door For Her Dad To Return From The Hospital


If we can say one thing with certainty, it’s that Leia is one loyal German Shepherd girl! This adorable dog loves her family the most, and she proved it when her dad, Tom, ended up in a hospital.

Leia, not being able to see him overnight, sticks by the front door refusing to leave until he shows up. And, when he finally did – she was just thrilled to get back together with him!

Leia Has Her Own Way Of Showing Love

german shepherd dog standing on the doorway
Source: UNILAD

In April 2020, a woman named Katie Snyder needed to leave her GSD girl, Leia, at her parents’ house on a temporary basis. 

Even though she’s known to be an independent dog who doesn’t enjoy the company of other canines so much, Leia is all about her grandparents! She just loves spending time around Katie’s mom and dad, which is why this particular change of environment wasn’t a problem for her.

Despite her very own quirky ways of showing love, she’s still adorably cute! 

She loves laying next to her favorite hoomans during movies and waiting patiently for them until they come out of the bathroom. Leia is set in her own ways, but her love is undeniable!

Her Dad Is Her New Favorite Hooman

man hugging his german shepherd dog at home
Source: The Dodo

It seems that Leia took a strong liking to Katie’s dad, Tom, in particular! When he ended up in a hospital due to some secondary complications from cancer, Leia showed how much she actually bonded with him. 

owner with his german shepherd dog enjoying in garden
Source: The Dodo

It was the night of Tom and his wife’s 40th anniversary when he had to go to a hospital and stay overnight. Unfortunately, his wife couldn’t come with him due to COVID, so she came home to stay with Leia.

Waiting Patiently By The Door For Her Dad To Come Back

german shepherd dog sitting by the door and waiting for his owner
Source: Ron Project

When this German Shepherd girl noticed that Tom wasn’t with her, she went by the door and sat patiently, waiting for him. 

This heartbreaking moment was captured by Katie’s mom who immediately texted her.

“I immediately burst into tears… I was able to see how much Leia truly loved my dad,” wrote Katie, to The Dodo.

Fortunately, Tom came home right the next morning, and Leia was just thrilled to have him back! The two had the sweetest reunion ever, and it even made Katie make Leia’s living arrangement permanent.

Leia’s now a happy girl living by her favorite hooman’s side! And, Tom and his wife just love having her in their life.