A Couple Of Chained GSDs Get Their Transformation Into Stunning Dogs


There are a very few things that could compare to the satisfaction of providing a forever home to a homeless dog! The story of Rio and Diamond, two German Shepherds, as heartbreaking as it was, has a happy ending!

The two were spotted in Choctaw County, Mississippi, on seized property. They were found in really bad condition, severely starved and malnourished. Someone abandoned these lovely canines and left them chained so they couldn’t escape.

Luckily, a couple of volunteers from the Hope Animal Sanctuary in rural MIssissippi got a seizure order to remove the dogs and provide them a shelter in their facility.

Rio And Diamond Had A Rough Start

german shepherd dog on chain
Source: In Defense Of Animals

Rio, the male, was found chained next to his dog house, but his chain was wrapped around so he couldn’t enter. He was exposed to the sun the whole time. One of the volunteers suspected he had heartworms due to a distended stomach.

“This dog is not only thin and matted, but he’s a male, he has a distended stomach. Until we get to a veterinarian, we don’t know for sure, but that is often a sign of heart failure from heartworms.”

The two had been found in really bad shape, with an inadequate water bowl and no food to eat.

a dog chain around the bucket with water
Source: In Defense Of Animals

IDA Hope Animal Sanctuary To The Rescue

german shepherd dog having bath at sanctuary
Source: In Defense Of Animals

Once they were transferred to the sanctuary, both Rio and Diamond went through a thorough veterinarian exam and got a nice bath. Rio’s condition was so much worse, as he had no strength to move much, and his overall health was in jeopardy. 

It took the vets several weeks to treat him for his distended stomach, but eventually, Rio started eating better! He gained a few pounds and got back on his paws, regaining his enthusiasm all over again!

“This guy was in the worst shape. We’re calling him Rio. He was chained in the bald sun. So, today, he’s getting a bath, and he already feels a lot better,” said Sharon Stone, from HAS.

Diamond, on the other hand, was diagnosed with heartworms, and she’s still in recovery! The prognosis is well, though! She’s a tough girl whose will for living is just amazing!

wet german shepherd in a shower
Source: In Defense Of Animals

Both dogs enjoyed their bath time very much, and you can just tell from their reaction that they had been missing human touch for a very long time. But, now they’re safe and that’s all that matters!

In just a few short weeks, both Rio and Diamond fully recovered! Rio, especially, gained a lot of weight, and he became almost unrecognizable. 

“Last time we’d seen him, he was very, very emaciated, and you can tell, he’s gained a lot of weight. He’s the sweetest!”

Both Have Found A Forever Home

two playful german shepherd dogs jumping on man and woman
Source: In Defense Of Animals

Both Rio and Diamond have been recently adopted and went to their forever home. After Rio left the sanctuary, Diamond still had a few more treatments to go through due to heartworms, but she has found her forever home next to a loving owner! 

german shepherd dog sitting in owners lap on the chair
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Once abandoned dogs with no one left in this world, now both Rio and Diamond have furever families to take care of them! And, even though they’re not together anymore, we’re absolutely pawsitive that they’re doing amazingly with their new hoomans!