Rescuers Save Dog Mom And Her Eleven Puppies From A Terrible Flood


When female dogs feel it is time to give birth to their puppies, they try to find a hiding place. It has to be a spot where the future mommy feels safe and where she believes her puppies will be safe too. But sometimes, dogs don’t make good judgements. 

This new mommy made a terrible mistake that almost cost her the lives of her puppies. She meant no harm. She just thought the underground cave she dug up was the perfect place for her to give birth. 

Yes, dug up, because this doggy mommy dug up a hole and a tunnel in someone’s backyard! 

The Michigan Humane Society wouldn’t be called if the weather didn’t predict heavy rain and possible floods in the area. They knew they’re about to embark on a mission you don’t see everyday. 

The officers knew they had to work fast. If the heavy rain starts, the tunnel would become an underground river pretty soon. Puppies had to be evacuated instead of flushed out by the flood.

a man rescues a dog from a hole
Photo from: Facebook

What the officers of Michigan Humane Society knew about the case were three things: flood, puppies, and the underground cave. But, they didn’t know the exact number of puppies. How many were there? How many puppies did the mommy bring to the world?

Fortunately, they were prepared for all kinds of scenarios with their shovels and rescue equipment. 

It was quite simple to lure out the first few puppies. Still, the cave wasn’t shallow at all. Mommy did a great job and dug up a nice, big hole. Now, the rest of the puppies had to be retrieved somehow. 

Further digging and making the hole accessible wasn’t an option because the ground was soaked. Mud was everywhere. And there he was, officer Chris, a rescuer trying to use his last option: wet food!

A can of deliciously-smelling goodness brought five more pups to the ground. A few more were missing too. 

It took Chris half an hour in the mud to rescue a litter of eleven puppies! Wow, that was really something big!

a sad dog is sitting on a blanket
Photo from: Facebook

Once they were all rescued, doggy mommy came to her little ones, but she held her guard. There were people, strange people touching her babies. Luckily, the rescuers were able to pick up and transfer all the puppies to the shelter without their mom intervening. 

It seemed as if she knew they were going somewhere safe.

Later that day, mommy’s thoughts proved right, as she was reunited with her little ones. 

a man and a woman walk around a dog in a cage
Photo from: Facebook

This one big, happy family was finally somewhere safe, far from the rain, flood, and cold.