Wait Til You See Why This GSD Was Looking Down The Drain Every Day


Turkey is a wonderful country that pays so much attention to their animals, especially those in need. If you ever go there, you can notice cats snoozing everywhere, and friendly stray dogs that locals love to feed and play with. 

In most countries, especially in busy metropolitan areas, rarely would anyone stop and think: What is that dog doing? 

Luckily for this pup, he was in Turkey, and his daily behavior pattern and a routine of looking down the drain made people around him wonder: Is everything okay, and why is he looking down?

The Fateful Encounter

the dog looks into the drain and passers-by with him
Source: YouTube

It was a day like any other for a stray German Shepherd: browsing around, receiving pets from people passing by, and praying in his mind to find some food. Having a sharp sense of smell like all German Shepherds do, the poor pup listened to his nose.

Guess where it dragged him?

Right in front of a butcher shop.

It was painful for the tormented soul to watch all that meet and smell the deliciousness. Drools were flooding his mouth, and his tummy was responding too, with a loud grumble. 

When a customer at the butcher’s shop, Annie, finished buying her steaks, she went outside and noticed the dog looking at her, begging with his eyes for some food.

Annie immediately went back and got some scraps and bones for the dog.

German shepherd gnaws a bone
Source: YouTube

At first, he was unsure whether he should take the bone or not. Although he loved people, he wasn’t used to kind strangers offering him food like that. 

Moments passed by and the dog finally decided he could trust the woman. He took the bone, waved happily with his tail, and went down the street. 

The woman went the other way, knowing she did a good deed that day.

The Next Day

a dog looking into the drain and passers-by on the street
Source: YouTube

Dogs will never forget the person that did good to them. They’re grateful animals. That’s why the next day the dog saw Annie walking that same street, he was thrilled. 

The dog walked right to her, waving his tail and showing how happy he was to see her. 

But, Annie didn’t have much time to play with him. She gave him a couple of pats on the back and bought some sausages for the pup.

Once again, the dog was so grateful, but he still didn’t gobble them up in front of her. You’d expect that from a starving dog. 

Having no more time to spend with the dog, Annie went away, chasing her day and completing tasks.

And… The Day After

sad german shepherd looking through the drain
Source: YouTube

Dogs quickly catch on to a routine. That’s why it was no surprise to Annie that the dog waited for her to come down his street. 

On the third day since their encounter at the butcher shop, the dog was actually waiting for Annie to come. Annie was also hoping she’d see the dog. That’s why she started carrying treats in her bag. 

You can guess the scenario: Annie gives the food, the dog thanks her the best he can, and walks away. 

Yet, this time was different: Annie started following the dog to see where he was taking the food.

What she saw really took her words. The dog went over to a busy street and found a storm drain. Then, he threw one of the treats she gave him down the drain and ate the other one. 

Annie and the dog’s encounters continued every day. Whenever she brought him treats, he’d do the same thing: walk over to the drain and split them with it.

This woke up the woman’s curiosity. She had to see for herself what was in that drain. The dog was clearly guarding it, but what was inside?

The Incredible Discovery

a dog looking into a drain and two children on the street
Source: YouTube

When Annie leaned over to see what was inside the drain, the dog just stood there, waiting to see her reaction.

She was absolutely stunned. Her hand immediately found her phone and dialed the Fire Department. 

Because… what she saw in there will need lots of help rescuing.

Half an hour later, the firemen arrived at the drain, but they didn’t expect another surprise. The guarding dog started growling at them, fiercely trying to protect his drain.

firemen on the street
Source: YouTube

Thanks to Annie and her treats, the dog calmed in her arms, and Annie took him a bit further from the drain so the firemen could open it. The dog trusted Annie and knew everything would be alright. Those people weren’t there to hurt him; they were helping him!

a fireman strokes a German shepherd
Source: YouTube 

As the firemen cut through the drain bars, the rescue mission started. 

What caused all this jumble and made the dog sit by the drain? 

A tiny kitten!

But, it wasn’t just one kitty. The firemen rescued four more little ones… a whole litter! 

cute kittens
Source: YouTube

The dog was guarding the kitties the best he could. Thanks to his persistence of staring down the drain, and sharing occasional bits of food, the kittens survived.

The Happy Ending

a dog looking down the drain and cute kittens
Source: YouTube

Annie couldn’t believe her eyes. She actually met a real canine hero! The woman put two and two together, and knew exactly what to do.

She asked the firemen to adopt all of the kitties, so she could raise them and find them furever homes. 

All’s said and done. The kittens went home with Annie, but she didn’t forget their rescuer. Annie called the dog to come to her and brought him home, too! He was so excited to see the kitties. They sniffed each other and he gave them a big ol’ tail wag. 

All six stray animals found a loving home that day. 

When the kittens grew up, Annie managed to find new homes for four of them. She kept one, naming him Fudge. Along with Benny, the brave guard dog, she finally got a loving furry family she’ll take care of forever.

The province of İzmit will remember Benny’s bravery and unselfishness for many years.