Rescue Dog Gets A Special “Mini House” As His Private Hideout


Reading stories about successful dog rescues with a happy ending is wonderful, but not all stories follow the same pattern. Sometimes, dogs simply can’t get over their trauma and trust a hooman anymore.

Just like people, each pooch is different and requires a unique approach to gain trust. This is also one of the biggest challenges that rescue dog owners face, but fortunately most of them are willing to take it.

Sean Farrell, from Birmingham, United Kingdom, is one of those people who gave his best to provide his rescue doggo with everything he needed in order to gain trust in him.

Puppyhood Trauma

dog hiding under the bed in the house
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A ten-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Buster had a life filled with terror, abuse, and incidents before he met Sean Farrell… a foster parent who later became his owner.

The poor doggo had been through difficult times in his previous home, which led to intervention from authorities who placed the pooch into a shelter.

It is still unknown what exactly happened to Buster, but considering how strong his anxiety attacks were, he had a really tough time throughout his life.

Farrell developed a special bond with Buster, although it was more of a one-sided relationship, as the pooch was terrified of letting Farrell get too close to him.

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However, that didn’t stop the man from trying, and in the end, he decided to adopt the doggo, as he was convinced that not many people would even try that hard to gain the dog’s trust.

Little by little, things changed, and Buster was finally letting Farrell into his life, as the man said in an interview for Bored Panda:

I’ve had him for just over 2 years. He’s not had the best life, and that changed the day I met him. Initially, I was only supposed to foster him, but I fell in love, and we [both] knew we were meant to be together.

Gaining Trust

Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.

This quote by Isaac Watts explains the situation between Farrell and Buster better than any words. This was one of the most challenging periods for both of them, but in the end, they managed to build a long-lasting relationship filled with trust and love.

Buster has long had anxiety issues related to being in the same room with a single person, which was the result of trauma he experienced earlier in his life, as Farrell said:

Due to bad experiences in his life, he doesn’t like to be around single men, and when we’re alone at home, he stays on his own in the bedroom. He will only come down when other people are here as well. Or, for walks and food.

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Considering that Buster would rarely leave the bedroom, Farrell came up with the plan of building Buster his own little house in the living room, a spot where he can get away from anything (or anyone) that triggers his anxiety, but still keep him near Farrell.

The boudoir was an idea to give Buster a cozy space of his own in the same room as me. To really let him know he can be safe around me and feel secure in his little den at the same time.

dog sitting in his bed in his mini house
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According to Buster’s reaction, this turned out to be one of the best decisions Farrell could make. As he explained, Buster was so excited about his new house that he spends most of the time there now.

The smile on the doggo’s face while sleeping says it all – this house was a complete hit.

dog sleeping in his bed
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Years Take Their Toll

Buster and Farrell have been together for more than seven years. They created a bond so sweet and strong that they can’t imagine being without each other for more than a day.

Unfortunately, just like the majority of senior doggos, Buster developed certain health issues related to his age.

dog has problem with eye
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As Farrell wrote on Buster’s official Facebook page:

He’s 16 now, and sadly, although still very active and fit, his pretty down at the moment as his eyesight is starting deteriorate.  But, we’ll face it Together.

Although there’s not much to be done regarding Buster’s sight, Farrell is still taking maximum efforts to make Buster’s life as great as it can be.