Boy Draws A “Wanted” Poster And Successfully Gets His Lost Dog Back


Losing a dog is a traumatic experience, especially for children. And, when your dog is stolen from you – that’s just trauma beyond words!

Children and dogs have a special bond. In a way, they understand each other on a level that adults don’t understand, and the relationship they have is just unique.

Camron, the seven-year-old boy from Bredbury, UK, was heartbroken and inconsolable after finding out that his four-year-old Boston Terrier, Ralph, was stolen by thieves. 

Hoping to make it easier to find him, Camron drew a ‘wanted’ poster that went viral and touched the hearts of many people all over the world…

Camron And Ralph Were Inseparable

photo of cameron and ralph together
Source: Manchester Evening News (Image: Stacey Donaldson)

According to Stacey Donaldson, Camron and Ralph were inseparable from day one. They even slept together – Ralph on the bottom bunk and Camron on the top. 

This black-and-white Boston Terrier is loved by everyone in the family, but the relationship he had with his boy was just beyond words. They were basically the best of friends, sharing everything they could possibly share.

Ralph Was Snatched Out Of The Work Van

portrait of Ralph the stolen dog
Source: Manchester Evening News (Image: Stacey Donaldson)

Since Ralph is a clingy, family dog that suffers from separation anxiety, Camron’s dad, Craig, takes him to work every day so he won’t be alone at home. Craig runs a gardening business, and he has the possibility to take Ralph everywhere he goes.

One day, he was unloading his work van and arranging his gardening tools on the side. When he came closer to the van, Ralph was already gone. Within just a few minutes, someone snitched him and ran away.

“He was gone in a matter of minutes, and when he came back, Ralph was gone”, says Stacey.

1000£, Flyers, And A ‘Wanted’ Poster

Cameron's drawing of Ralph
Source: Manchester Evening News (Image: Stacey Donaldson)

Camron was inconsolable when he found out that Ralph was gone. He was crying for days, but he never lost hope of finding his furever buddy.

One day, he drew a ‘wanted’ poster in the attempt to speed up the process of finding his dog. 

He drew a picture of Ralph, and next to it, a picture of himself crying. The poster said: “He is cute and fluffy and is very gorgeous. He knew us as much as we knew him. We miss him so much… we just want him home.”

This heart-wrenching message soon went viral, and thousands of people were touched by Camron’s sweet devotion and love for his dog.

On the other hand, Stacey and Craig offered a 1000£ reward to those who would disclose information about Ralph. Together with their family and friends, they printed and handed out hundreds of flyers in the attempt to find their loving canine.

The worst part of the story was that Ralph suffered from a life-threatening condition and he needed his daily medication. Even though he physically might’ve been “safe with the thieves”, his condition could get worse at any minute.

He Was Found In Salford

photo of Ralph reunited with his family
Source: Metro UK (Picture MEN Media)

Little by little, the family was losing hope of finding Ralph ever again. They were slowly making peace with the fact that he might be gone for good. And then – they got the word that Ralph was in Salford!

Needless to say – everyone was so happy to finally see Ralph again, especially Camron! He was crying again, but this time out of pure joy and excitement!

In the end, all that mattered was that Ralph was finally back with his family.

He was a little bit nervous and jumpy in the beginning due to a traumatic experience he had been through, but eventually he calmed down and got back to normal. The family suspected that by the state of his claws, he was locked and was attempting to claw his way out.

Unfortunately, Ralph’s example isn’t exclusive. There are hundreds of dogs being stolen from their owners every day, with very few people processed for these felonies. So, the best that I can advise you, dear PupViners, is to keep an eye on your loving canines, especially when you’re out. Till next time!